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One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3 Weekly News 8.7.22

Only one week to go with Mrs Cousins and Mr Mason (plus the very last day of term) and the children are doing brilliantly! They are continuing to show the Chilton Way rules and are not letting the end of term stop them from completing some brilliant learning! Here is what we have been up to over the last 2 weeks.


In English, we have continued to read The Magic Faraway Tree. We have learnt how to include dialogue (speech) in their story writing. They have learnt to use inverted commas and to choose interesting speech verbs instead of ‘said’ e.g. exclaimed, screeched, bellowed, whispered. This week, we have planned our own stories based on The Magic Faraway Tree. We have all used art to plan a new land that will arrive at the top of the tree and a new character that the children will meet. We than planned the plot of our story with a beginning, problem, resolving the problem and an ending. We are excited to write our stories next week!


In maths last week, the children learnt to sort objects, shapes and numbers in Venn and Carroll diagrams. This week, we have been learning about measuring length in mm, cm and m, The children have learnt that 10mm = 1cm and 100cm=1m. Then they have been able to compare measurements of length by converting to the same unit e.g. 250cm > 2m because 2m is 200cm, and 200cm is more than 250cm. We have also learn to round numbers to the nearest multiple of ten this week e.g. 24 rounded to the nearest ten is 20, 187 rounded to the nearest ten is 190. Some of us have also learnt to round numbers to the nearest hundred. Next week, we will be solving addition and subtraction problems involving lengths and symmetry and number problems.

Love to Learn

For home learning this week, we would love the children to have a play on the online Carroll diagrams for sorting 3d shapes at this website:

You have to select 2 conditions from the list to play the game. The children have seen this played at school.

Please continue to read with your child at least a minimum of 3 times a week.


Mrs Cousins' group - share, stare, scared, square, compare, prepare

Mr Arthur's group - experience, naughty, accidentally, guard, particular, possess

Mr Mason's group -  TBC


Wednesday 13th July - Sports Day - starts at 9.15am and finishes at approximately 11.30am/12pm. Children can wear bright coloured sports clothes but please no football kits or crop tops.

Monday 18th July - Wednesday 20th July - The children are with Mrs Tammaro or Mr Cook for their 3 transition days. Pleased drop the children at their normal Year 3 classroom in the morning on Monday 18th July and then drop off at their Year 4 classrooms. Year 4 pick up is still from the top playground.

Thursday 21st July - The children will return to their normal classroom for the last day of term with Mrs Cousins or Mr Mason. School finishes at 2pm.

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