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One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3 Weekly News 8.2.19


In maths this week we have been adding and subtracting. We have recovered the column method for both of these operations. Whilst adding, we have been focussing on regrouping a ten, hundred or thousand underneath the calculation, and remembering to add these on to get the correct final answer. Whilst subtracting, we have focussed on regrouping a ten, hundred or thousand if the top number is less than the bottom number e.g. for 273 - 155 = we cannot do 3-5 when subtracting the ones, so we need to regroup a ten from the 70, to make 13 - 5, which can be completed. Children who have mastered these skills have also been working on their explaining and reasoning skills, and applying their addition skills to solve problems.


In English this week we have been writing a sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children used the skills they had been learning and practising during this term to write their story e.g. describing settings, describing character and describing action using expanded noun phrases, similes, verbs and adverbs. They also worked on varying their sentence openers during their story using fronted adverbials to begin sentences such as; As quick as a flash,.... Without warning,... Just then... Completely unexpectedly,...  In the morning,.... Later that evening,.... Rapidly,..... Fronted adverbials must be followed by a comma.


In topic this week the children have learnt about the history of chocolate. They have learnt that the Mayans first discovered cocoa beans in Central America and then, when the Aztecs invaded their land, they were forced to trade cocoa beans with the Aztecs. We then learnt about the Spanish explorers Christopher Columbus and Hernando Cortes who discovered the chocolatl drink of the Aztecs and took cocoa beans back to Europe. 

Love to Learn 

This week's Love to Learn challenge is based on online safety.

Take the pledge!

Create a ‘Permission Pledge’ about what you’ve learnt from our Healthy Relationships week. You can write or draw your pledge. Pledges could relate closely to the theme of consent or be more broadly about making positive choices online. For example:

I pledge to always ask permission before posting a photo of a friend online.

I pledge to ask my Mum and Dad before I download a new app on my tablet.

I pledge to only post kind comments when I’m online.

I pledge to speak to an adult if I see anything online which worries or upsets me.

This Love to Learn task needs to be returned to class by Wednesday 13th February please.


Mrs Cousins' group - adventure, nature, picture, departure, textures, fixtures, capture, creature

Mr Potts' group - madder, gladder, hotter, fittest, saddest, wettest, slimmest

Miss Watling's group - illiterate, illogical, illegally, illegible, impatient, impractical, disobey, unclearly


Please remember that next Wednesday, on 13th February, we will be going on our trip to Broadstairs to a sweet shop. Permission slips need to be back by Friday 8th February. 

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