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Year 4






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  • 19/05/22

    Year 4 Weekly News - 20.5.22

    We are already in Week 5 of Term 5! The weather has been fantastic and it has been great to do so much of our learning outside! Maths This week we have been looking at measure. We began by estimating length and developing our understanding of mm, cm and m. We used problem-solving to estimate d...
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  • 13/05/22

    Year 4 Weekly News 13.5.22

    This week has been another fantastic week and children have been working incredibly hard so well done! Maths Throughout maths this week, we have been looking at fractions and decimals. We began the week by looking at and understanding equivalent fractions. We used different representations suc...
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  • 06/05/22

    Year 4 Weekly News 6/5/22

    Another jam-packed week of learning for our hardworking Year 4s! Read on to find out what we have been learning and what is happening next week! Maths This week we have been finding factors! Factors are numbers that go into other numbers with no remainders. We use our understanding of our time...
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  • 29/04/22

    Weekly News 29.4.22

    This week has been another fantastic week for the children who have tried their best and worked incredibly hard! English This week we have continued our book called ‘Wizards of Once’. We really concentrated on chapter four. In the chapter, Xar the wizard and Wish the Warrior meet e...
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  • 22/04/22

    Year 4 - Weekly News 22.4.22

    Welcome back to a sunny, warm Term 5! The children have come back eager to learn and with wonderful learning attitudes! What have we been learning? English We began our new book, 'Wizards of Once' which is full of magic and wonder! We met our main characters, Wish and Xar and wrote som...
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  • 25/03/22

    Year 4 Weekly News 25.3.22

    Maths This week we have been looking at shape and the properties of shapes. On Monday, we began by looking at 3D shapes. We had a very active lesson by using the 3D shapes to identify the name of them and examining the properties that they have. We then moved onto 2D shapes, looking at regular an...
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  • 18/03/22

    Year 4 weekly news - 18.3.22

    Firstly, a huge thank you for all of your incredible donations! We were overwhelmed with your generosity and the lovely ladies at Quex Barn were very thankful for our support. What else have Year 4 been doing this week?! Maths This week we have been using our mental maths strategies to help...
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  • 10/03/22

    Year 4 Weekly News - 11.3.22

    What an incredible week we have had in Year 4! It has been very hands on, and we had difficulty trying to choose our favourite lessons! We began the week with a strange object on our desks... Was it an onion?! When we cut inside we realised that we were trying pomegranates! Our narrator in...
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  • 04/03/22

    Year 4 Weekly News 4.3.22

    This week the children have worked incredibly hard throughout and had some great fun doing it as well, especially on World Book Day! English This week in our English, we have concentrated on poetry! We have got further in our new book called ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’. The...
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  • 11/02/22

    Weekly News 11.2.22

    As a Year 4 team we would like to well done to everyone! Some of the work that has been done and the effort that has been put in really has been incredibly so thank you and you should be proud of yourselves! Maths This week we have been learning about position and direction. This has consisted...
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  • 03/02/22

    Year 4 Weekly News - 4.2.22

    This half term has gone so quickly - we cannot believe we only have one week until we are half way through our academic year! As always, Year 4 have been working incredibly hard. Let's see what we have been learning... Maths This week we have been absolutely outstanding at understanding, c...
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  • 28/01/22

    Weekly News 28.1.22

    English This week in English we continued our book ‘The Tales of Wisdom and Wonder’ but started a new tale called ‘The blindman and the hunter. We began the week by going out into the forest school blindfolded and our partner had to lead us round! It really put us in the bli...
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