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Weekly News

Weekly News – 22nd November 2019

In Maths this week, we have been looking at statistics. The children spent time interpreting bar chart and time graphs before working on solving different comparison, sum and difference problems based on data presented in a range of tables/charts. At the end of the week, we found and plotted our own data.    

In English, we have continued to read ‘The Ice Palace’ and, this week, worked on building suspense within our writing. On Monday, we created our own suspense word mats that we could refer to across the week. We then wrote about Ivan’s account with the wolves, focusing on building suspense up as much as we could. We then had an open Big Write to end the week where we were able to write about whatever we liked as long as we included the techniques required to build suspense. Stacey worked with the children in Drama on the importance of dance in both the story of ‘The Ice Palace’ and within our own drama pieces.

We have continued to work on our new Egyptian IPC unit in Topic. On Monday, we researched what Egyptian families were like before creating our own fictional families based on what we found. On Tuesday, we learnt all about the Gods that the Egyptian people worshipped before recording our research in a number of exciting ways including Top Trump cards. On Wednesday, the children (even the girls!) we able to attend Egyptian Scribe School where they learnt how to write just like those in Ancient Egypt did.

We are still encouraging the children to play as much Times Tables Rockstars ( at home. When logging in, please select ‘Chilton Primary School, Ramsgate’. Children’s log ins are the same as their MyMaths log ins (please see your teacher if you need your child’s log in).

For home learning this week, we would like the children to research the PYRAMIDS. They can present the information that they find in any way that they choose! We look forward to seeing what the children come up with!  

Online book club!

So that the children can share their reading choices we have created an online book club. When they have read a book that they have loved, they can log in and write a review on our site. The link to this site is below:

The children will be given a password so only the children and families of Year 4 can view comments.

We can't wait to see what they are reading!

Spook-tacular Term 2 writing challenge. Theme: Halloween

Muahahahaha… I have a terrifyingly difficult writing challenge for you all this term. If you dare, write me a story based on this term’s theme of ‘Halloween’. You can choose your characters, the storyline, setting… everything, as long as you make Mr McAuley impressed (or terrified) of your frightfully good writing. A prize will be given for the 3 best stories. Remember, you only have 100 words to do this story in, so every word counts! The ‘dead’-line for this Halloween story is Friday 29th November on Mr McAuley’s desk. Good luck!



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