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Weekly News Friday 20th March

Thia has been a very surreal week here for Year 4 but we have been so incredibly proud of the children. They have shown such maturity during lots of change. They have remained focused with learning and continued to be the Chilton Heroes they all are! We have genuinely loved spending precious time with them over this week and will miss them dearly as they begin their learning journey at home.

We discussed with the children that what home learning looks like will be different from family to family. You need to do what works best for you all. We will be uploading weekly planning in PPT form at the beginning of each week. Included in these documents are video clips and links to useful websites that will model the strategies needed. We will then upload the accompanying work to complete day by day.

So what fantastic learning happened this week?


In Maths we learnt all about angles. We can order and compare angles and took on many challenges that made us think deeply and problem solve. We each did our own research project looking at angles within a sport. This was a fantastic way to show their understanding in an interesting way!



This week we read 'The Peddear of Swaffham'. We hvae been focusing on the skill of varying sentences. We can now confidently use simple, compound and complex and can recognise them in our writing. On Friday we wrote modernised versions of the tale!


This week we learnt all about the water cycle. We created our own water cycles and showed our understanding in creative ways. Some wrote stories, some even wrote raps! We then learnt about our teeth, their functions and how to keep them healthy!

Any home learning friendly worksheets will be attached from this week if you are already learning from home. This was the inspiration for our research project - What sport could you research to see how angles play a big part?

Watch this video to find out more:


Sending lots of love to all of you!

Mrs Gale and Mr Abel


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