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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning Team Peacock and Team Azure. We're at Wednesday already! This week has been quite tough for some of us (myself included) and I know so many of us want to get back to our normal routine and are finding home learning quite tough. Our bests advice is to be kind to yourself - it's ok to have times where you feel sad or angry or bored or grumpy. These are very strange times we are in. Thank you to all you fantastic people who have been there for your friends when they have been feeling down. You are all such wonderful, wonderful children! Sending you all virtual hugs!

So on to today's learning...


Let's do some practical maths! Time to rummage through your house and find different measurements. Can you round the numbers to the nearest 10? 100? 1000? See the slides for more information.

English and GR

Comprehension questions first  - just the first two pages of the story. Remember to back up your ideas with evidence from the text.

Then let's look closer at our characters, Bubba and Spike. We are going to plan for a description today. You could print the slides out as a planning sheet if you want.

*** I had videoed an example within the English slides but it was too big to upload! Hopefully it should make sense without it. Sorry!!***


Time to put your ICT skills to the test. Can you create a presentation of your chosen  figure? PPT is the easiest (and what we have used before at school) but you can choose how to present your information. Prezi can be quite fun too.


That's all folks. Remember to take time to play and relax. Give your parents a huge hug for helping you with all of this - they are heroes too! :) 

Mrs Gale and Mr Abel x

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