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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Tuesday 5th May

Good morning, Year 4! 

Well done for all the fabulous learning you completed yesterday (on Star Wars Day - get it?) and thank you to those children who shared their work, either by email or on our Padlets. Thank you also to those children who have expressed an interest in contributing to our class novels (Team Peacock's first chapter is attached). The weather has been brightening up and the sun will hopefully continue for the rest of this week so make sure you're taking advantage of your one outside exercise a day. I went for a lovely walk along the coast over the weekend. On to today's learning:


Great job yesterday classifying triangles. Today we will be adding an extra side and looking at different quadrilaterals. Tasks and Mastery challenges are attached. 


Mrs Gale and I have been incredibly impressed with your efforts so far on with our 'SPAGADAY' sheets, please keep it up! Today's comprehension task is all about volcanoes. Hopefully you'll have a blast completing it! 


Today's task involves you learning all about the layers of the earth and then demonstrating them however you like - the more creative the better! 

Note: The world map that you needed for Geography yesterday was missing!! It is now attached on Monday's if you were keen on completing that activity and haven't.


Finally, Team Azure's second author will be MADDISON!

Have a wonderful day!

The Year 4 team x

Made with Padlet

Made with Padlet

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