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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Tuesday 19th May

Good morning Team Azure and Team Peacock!
Wow! What a wonderful day it was yesterday! We hope you have all been managing to spend some time enjoying the sunshine! 

Have you been enjoying the writing competition? We have loved the different poems and are in the middle of writing our entries for the competition! Do please check it out if you haven't already - we think you will really enjoy it!


Today we continue our learning of money using our understanding of place value. You can make the choice between mild, spicy or hot today. If possible, use real coins (making sure you wash your hands after using them) to help you with your questions. Nothing beats real learning!! 


Today we are reading to the end of Air Raid. This has been a great story and we have loved seeing your learning linked to it! Today you will need to answer the comprehension questions and then your usual spagaday!
This week we will be ending on writing a newsreport so make sure you pay attention to the main events within the story!


For Topic this week, we will be setting you a research project. You will have the whole week to complete your project and you can present it in anyway that you like. You need to choose a COUNTRY OF THE WORLD and research and present information on the following:

CLIMATE (what the weather is like)

CULTURE (what the people are like, what they get up to and what traditions they have, what food do they eat, what sports do they play)

HISTORY (what has happened in that country)

WILDLIFE (which animals and plants live there)

TOURISM (what interesting places/things there are for people to visit)

and anything else that you think is interesting! You could include pictures, videos, artwork, songs, performances. The choice is yours!

We looking forward to seeing all of your projects! 

Class Novel - Team Azure received a wonderful chapter from Evie and Grace. Thank you for a brilliant chapter! Farrah - We are handing the book on to you for the next chapter! Good luck!! There are still lots of you that I am sure would be AMAZING at continuing the chapter - please let me know if you would like to have a go! 

Have a wonderful day!
Mrs Gale and Mr Abel

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