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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News. 13.11.20


In maths this week we have been learning about how to find equivalent fractions by using the multiplication method, simplifying fractions with division and to finish the week we added and subtracted fractions with the same denominator. These are all new skills that the children have not seen before. They worked extremely hard all work and did very well.

English and Reading

Throughout our English this week we have continued our reading of the Ice Palace which the children seem to be really enjoying. We have written to create suspense as Ivan goes searching for his lost brother who has been taken by Starjik. The children have been using fronted adverbials with powerful verbs and adverbs to create suspense when rewriting the scenes that they have read.



During our PSHE work this week, the children have been learning about showing empathy and understanding that falling out with each other is normal. Showing how they can overcome these fallings out, make up and become better friends as a result of this. They have also been learning about safeguarding, what it is and how they can find it around the school. The children made some fantastic posters explaining safeguarding. Finally, the children were learning about worries. What to do if the children had worries and how to deal with their own worries.

Love to Learn

Maths - 

Complete these equivalent fractions:

1/3 = ?/6          3/8 = ?/24           7/12 = 28/?          10/12 = 5/?         8/32 =  2/?           

Find 3 more fractions that are equivalent to 16/20.


Write 5 sentences of speech making sure that you include inverted commas and a punctuation mark before the 99.

To challenge yourself, try to structure these sentences differently. You could start with the speech, you could start with the speaker or you could start with an adverb. You could also try to add an extra speech part after you've stated who was speaking.


Due to Team Sapphire not being in school on the 17th, we have moved our Egyptian dress up day to the week after on Tuesday the 24th November.

Many thanks,

The Year 4 Team


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