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One Childhood, One Chance

Year 4 Weekly News 20.11.20


In English this week, we have continued to learn about suspense writing. The children have learnt to use rhetorical questions and the punctuation mark ellipsis (...) to create suspense, and also how to use character's reactions to fear to add to this e.g. his heart pounded in his chest, her hands trembled like a leaf, sweat dripped down his forehead etc. They finished off this section of writing with a fantastic suspense piece where they used all of the suspense toolkit skills that we had taught them and they were fantastic - well done Year 4!


This week, Team Cornflower and Team Sapphire have either been learning about shape or fractions, or both! In shape, the children learnt about 4 different types of triangles; right angled, equilateral, scalene and isosceles triangles and what the properties of each triangle are. They also learnt to name and describe the properties of different quadrilaterals: parallelogram, rhombus, trapezium, square and oblongs. We also took another look at right angles and quarter turns. In fractions, the children have learnt to add and subtract fractions by keeping the denominator the same and adding or subtracting the numerators.


This week we have begun our fantastic topic called 'Walk like an Egyptian'. We have begun by learning abut who the Ancient Egyptians were, when they lived and some facts about them. We have also learnt about Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and about family life. To end the week off, the children have made Ancient Egyptian death masks - this will be finished off next week and we will post some photos of them on the blog next week!

Love to Learn

This week we would like the children to make a model. Their model can be anything linked to Ancient Egypt. For example, they could make a model of an Egyptian sphinx, a pyramid, a model of an Egyptian village next to the River Nile, a model of an Egyptian Death Mask, a model of Tutankhamun's treasure chamber, a model concrete slab with hieroglyphics or anything else that is linked to Ancient Egypt! Have fun and we cannot wait to see your models.


Next Tuesday (24th November) is Year 4's Ancient Egyptian dress up day. Please come to school dressed as an Ancient Egyptian (remember to be prepared for playtime outside in all weathers).

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