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Year 4 Weekly News 11.12.20


In maths this week, the children have been learning about units of mass. They have learnt that mass is measured in grams or kilograms and that 1000g is equal to 1kg. We have thought about what sort of things would be measured in grams e.g. a class rubber or some sugar for a recipe, and what things would be measured in kg e.g. a person or a huge sack of pebbles. The children have then learnt how to convert and compare units of mass. For example 3kg = ___________g. They know that to convert from kg to g they must multiply by 1000, so they answer is 3kg = 3000g. Some other examples were 7500g = 7 1/2 kg,        1/10kg  = 100g           1 1/4 kg = 1250g.

The children then used this knowledge to compare masses with comparison signs e.g. 3kg > 1500g because 3kg is equal to 3000g which is more than 1500g. 

We have also learnt about how to calculate area for the first time this week. The children have been given shapes that are divided into cm squares or half cm squares and they have learnt to count the squares to find the area of the shape in cm2.


In English we are writing an explanation text. The children have read information sheets and watched a video that tells them how to survive in extremely cold climates. They have them used this new knowledge to write a text that explains to the reader how to survive in the cold. They have learnt how to write an introduction and how to extend or explain their ideas more using conjunctions such as so that, even though, because, but. The children have written paragraphs about clothing and shelter so far, and next week, while some of the children will be remote learning at home, we will write the next paragraphs about nourishment and safety, and we will write a summary for the explanation text. The children will bring home their plan for their explanation text if they are working from home next week.


Please could the children now bring their reading book and reading record into school EVERY DAY as these will be checked daily.

We have noticed that the children's enthusiasm for TTRS has fallen off a little recently. Because the Year 4 children will take part in a national times tables test in May/June, it is vital that they continue to practice their times tables as often as possible. So we would like to ask that the children complete a TTRS session at home at least once a week. We will be able to see if the children have completed this in school online. This times tables practise and reading at home at least 3 times a week are the most important part of your child's home learning.

Love to Learn

Love to Learn for the Christmas holidays will be optional as we believe that the children need a well earned rest. If you would like to complete some home learning over the break, here is your challenge:

We would like you to create a labelled diagram or model that shows the water cycle using scientific vocabulary. You could explain each part of the cycle in sentences too if you wish.


We would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and we hope that you all have a happy and safe Christmas break.

The children have made a Christmas video that Mrs Law will be sharing with you very soon; we hope that you like them!

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