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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News 7.5.21


In English this week we have moved on from describing characters, to describing settings as there have been some fantastic settings from the book that the children could describe. Firstly, we described the bad woods that Xar and Wish are wandering through and where they came across each other. Then, we started to describe the warrior fort where Wish and all of her warriors live. We began by concentrating on similes and metaphors, finishing the week planning our personification ideas for our descriptive writing about the warrior fort.



In maths at the beginning of the week we were working on place value with decimals and the children were learning about tenths, hundredths and thousandths. They demonstrated and understanding of when it was one place after the decimal point it was tenths, two places after it was the hundredths and 3 places after was the thousandths. The children struggled to begin with understanding that each place is getting smaller rather than bigger but after a lot of hard work it went well! Towards the end of the week, we began concentrating on equivalent fractions and how to make equivalent fractions. The children should now all remember the rule of what you do to the numerator you have to do the denominator. Number day was amazing and all the children looked brilliant! They really enjoyed the book we looked at which was called ‘one is a snail and ten is a crab’, the children then had to generate their own calculations using the different characters in the book.



This week we continued our topic around Jean-Michel Basquiat, we looked at his self-portraits and then created our own using pastels. We also looked at the history around the country he was brought up in. We finished by creating a timeline of all the important events surrounding The Caribbean Islands, this was from Christopher Columbus discovering the Islands to the slave trade being abolished.


Love to Learn challenges

As we have been learning about The Caribbean Islands, we would like you to create your own Caribbean dish. You can present it however you want, it could be in a menu, pictures of what you want the food to look like or cook your own Caribbean dish!

Enjoy your weekend!


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