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Year 4 Weekly News 6/5/22

Another jam-packed week of learning for our hardworking Year 4s! Read on to find out what we have been learning and what is happening next week!


This week we have been finding factors! Factors are numbers that go into other numbers with no remainders. We use our understanding of our times tables to help us find factor pairs. We began the week using counters to help us find pairs and then made Freddie Factors!

We then moved on to learning how to multiply decimals. We again, started with resources. We have ones and tenths counters and practised regrouping with these. We have a firm understanding that ten tenths make one whole, and used our previous knowledge of place value to help us.

NEXT WEEK: We will be looking at the relationship between fractions and decimals. 

We are continuing our massive drive to learn our times tables - lots of us loved listening to the songs and this helped us remember some tricky ones. Please have a look at home!


This week we have been writing non-chronological reports on the magical, mythical creatures you might find in the Badwoods. We used technical language used from animal fact books to make our creatures sound more realistic. We also began to use a wider range of conjunctions to join our sentences. We used them for emphasis and cause and effect. 

NEXT WEEK: We will be creating some magical poetry!


We started our new topic, 'What's it made of' with a VERY messy afternoon! We recapped on our understanding of solids, liquids and gases and realised that there were some confusing materials. We played with slime, kinetic sand, magic foam, cornflower and water. It was brilliant!

We are learning about states of matter, and how some materials can change! 


Be here, be you, belong - we continued to focus on this and had lots of discussions about including others and accepting everyone for who they are!

Love to Learn, reading and spellings

- Your child should be bringing home their yellow spelling book with their 5 personalised spellings. Please practise these as much as possible

- An absolute HUGE well done to Year 4 for their daily reading at home. Thank you so much for your support - it is having such a great impact on 

- Silly science! We are starting to look at how some materials change state when heated or cooled. Investigate this at home with one of the following materials:

 * Water

* An egg

* Chocolate

* Jelly


Have a wonderful weekend,

The Year 4 Team

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