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Weekly News

See what Year 4 have been up to this week! 

Weekly News – 1st March 2019

Welcome back! We hope all children (and families) had a restful break.

In our Maths lessons this week, we have been looking at statistics and, specifically, the recording of data over time. We have discussed the different ways of recording data and have spent time understanding and interpreting time graphs before recording our own data over a period. We also continued to work on our times tables skills.

In English, we have started to read a new book called ‘Tales of Wisdom and Wonder’. Our first story was a fable from Haiti titled ‘Monkey and Papa God’. We spoke about fables and their features and stories having a moral. We then rewrote the story of Monkey and Papa God, changing the characters and settings but keeping the moral. We created puppets of these characters and settings and performed our fables.

Team Aqua have started their Computing unit, working towards gaining their laptop licences. Team Topaz will be studying French this term and this week learned how to introduce their family members and ask each other whether they have any brothers or sisters. Year 4 have also continued working on our ‘Material World’ IPC unit. We completed an experiment, finding out which different materials were able to conduct electricity before researching how plastic is reused and recycled.

For our 'Material World' exit point, we will be litter picking to find out the impact of overusing materials in our 'throw away' culture. We will provide the children with gloves. 

Home learning:

There is no right or wrong way to complete a Love to Learn task! Please be as imaginative or as creative as you would like! Love to Learn tasks should be returned on the Wednesday following them being set. Whilst books may not be formally marked, in class we will spend time looking at and enjoying what everyone has learned at home and rewards and house points will be given!

For Love to Learn this week, we would like the children to create a piece of work showing some data they have recorded over time. For example, they could measure the temperature over a day or measure how far they walk over a number of minutes/hours. We would then like this data to be presented in a creative way.

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