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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Newletter 5 - 2016

 We introduced the fact that “we are a telling school” and S.T.O.P (Start Telling Other People).

Dear Parents and Carers,
We prepared for national anti-bullying week this week by introducing the topic through our whole school values focus which began straight after half term. The children have explored issues surrounding friendship, kindness and anger management as well as their anti-bullying work. We introduced the fact that “we are a telling school” and S.T.O.P (Start Telling Other People). The children completed class learning which is on display in school and they also submitted home learning poster competition entries which will be judged by the Junior Leadership Team next week. Winners will be announced and their work will also be on display around the school – so do look out for it!
I don’t believe that one anti bullying week per year is enough to ensure that the children learn how to treat one another, the potential consequences of their actions and what to do if someone is upsetting them. Our termly values weeks give us the opportunity to explore issues surrounding mutual respect and diversity six times per year. Three of these weeks are also tied in with anti-bullying work – one specifically for e-safety. We look forward to exploring more of this learning throughout the year!

My assembly on Monday also focused on the purpose of mutual respect and diversity as key values – both at school and throughout life. I talked to the children about recent world events and how they had raised the profile of divisions in society – both ours and those across the globe. Mutual respect and the celebration of diversity are vital at Chilton. At our school everyone is valued, everyone is treated equally and fairly and everyone is offered kindness. At Chilton everyone matters and being different matters.

The class work reflecting our diversity and anti-bullying learning is currently on display in the corridor between years 4 and 5 – please see the end of this letter for photographs!


Best wishes
Mrs Kate Law
Head of School

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