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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

About Us

One Childhood, One Chance

Our Junior Leaders visited Heart FM and made this advert for Chilton:




Because every minute counts

Chilton is a community – one that allows each individual to thrive and to become the best that they can be.

Our fundamental school values represent the school environment and community that every child deserves:


These values under-pin every aspect of a child’s experience at Chilton. They will learn how to be a great learner, to relish every opportunity presented to them and to truly make the most of every moment during their time at our school.

Children demonstrate excellent attitudes to learning and to each other. They relish challenge and the exploration of different experiences through a rich and diverse curriculum. They learn how to treat each other and in turn how they should expect to be treated. Children are encouraged to become courageous, to become leaders and that kindness is an essential human quality.

Through all of this learning, children will become life long learners, demonstrating the aspiration and involvement that makes them ready for the next stage in their education and beyond.

Our team of exceptional practitioners work to maintain our wonderful school with consistently outstanding results and a well-deserved reputation for academic rigour and exceptional pastoral care delivered through an innovative and enterprising curriculum. "The Chilton Way" is the glue that binds us all together as a community.

Chilton Primary School children come from all faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds and as a result we create a learning culture where everyone, will be challenged and supported to supported to achieve.

We prioritise the well-being of children emotionally as well as educationally and physically. Children will be confident, articulate and well-rounded individuals, who will achieve their very best and be prepared for a wide range of social and professional situations.

Chilton Primary School is committed to developing its staff to ensure they are always at their professional best. In practice, this means time dedicated to training and collaboration, as well as providing opportunities for staff members to take initiative and apply their own ideas. Our teachers are skilled, committed and dedicated practitioners and exude enthusiasm and passion for their profession. They are dedicated to every child and aspire for each and every individual to achieve their every potential.

We see our school as an active part of the local community. This community, with its families, people, businesses and other organisations, are vital constituents in our curriculum.


Contact Us

Correspondence for the Headteacher:

Mrs Kate Law
c/o Chilton Primary School,
Chilton Lane,
Kent. CT11 0LQ

Contact the school office on:
01843 597695
or by fax on:
01843 852872

01843 597695