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Our children have an undeniable wealth of understanding and knowledge of the internet and how to interact with each other on-line. However, ensuring children use the internet safely and with due care and respect to those they interact with is vitally important. This page contains important information and links to ensure that the school works with families to keep children safe.

E-Safety is fundamental in our quest to keep children safe – at home and school.  Regular assemblies and class based learning and discussion will focus upon how children should use the internet safely and the risks if children have unrestricted access to sites they are too young for.  If a site has an age restriction, then it is there for the safety of all children (one social networking site has a recommended age of 13+).

The number of children who have reported incidents of ‘cyber bullying’ has increased tenfold over the last decade according to a report from ‘ChildLine’.  Again, we discuss this with our children in school regularly – but the more access a child has to social networking sites- the greater the chance conversations between children can become unregulated.

It is not a school’s position to tell parents how to raise their children – we are obliged however, to advise and share concerns.  The internet has so many positives (life without ‘google’, it’s hard to remember life before google!!!!!!) but the internet can also open the door to a world our children should be protected from

Links for e-safety:

Are you worried about your child and the internet? Here's some advice from Parent Link. It will only take couple of minutes to watch. Click here to view

Click here to read DfE 'Advice to Parents on CyberBullying'


Use this link for a safety guide on 'Roblox' (May 2018) ROBLOX SAFETY GUIDE FOR PARENTS

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