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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Sports Staff Team

Emma Knight has worked at Chilton for a number of years as our Sports Coach.  In that time, she has taught skills for children from Year R to 6 in multisports, athletics, games, gymnastics, dance and even swimming, gaining the trust of the children and offering support for staff. 

In 2021, Emma was able to secure a Gold Standard award for Kitemark for the fourth consecutive year and in 2022, we achieved PLATINUM status. Over the past several years, she worked hard to ensure she met a target of over 50% of the school partaking in an after school club.  She has listened to children to provide a range of clubs that they like and she has made sure the resources are easily accessible for all.

Emma is assisted by Carson Arthur and Cameron Keam. Together, they have developed Active Play at lunchtimes, whereby all the children are encouraged to be active and take part in different activities.  This is entirely run by the children.  Now, the children are responsible for their own equipment and activities and we have found that this has had a huge impact on improving behaviour, not just the children’s enjoyment.  As well as this, the children are able to learn social skills such as sharing and team work.

Our dedicated Coaches give up a lot of their own time to attend competitions – including at weekends - and they have shown great passion when coaching teams.  As we have developed our staff sports team over the last few years, we have had a greater success rate in competitions as well as more children representing the school.  

We always want to improve and we consistently work on ideas that help the children to prepare and learn independently.  Emma has created a Sports Committee Crew, Competition Leaders and Active Play Leaders, all from children within the school.  Furthermore, she has developed a means of assessment that the school uses to evidence the participants of clubs and competitions.  In this way, she can also target those who are less active and speak to them about what clubs they may enjoy.

Of course the team are also assisted by school leaders to ensure that all of their work is successful. As part of this, Mr McAuley conducts pupil questionnaires and conferences and playtimes are the most popular subject for discussion! The children voiced ideas on how their playtimes could be better and changes were made in response to this. The equipment is now available for longer, without interruption, the signal for the end of lunchtime has been changed and a quiet play area has also been established and resourced. We are also continuing to develop our forest area for play and learning activities.

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