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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

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Data Dashboard


% of children achieving expected standards compared to the national average figures:

READING = 90% (national average = 71%)

WRITING = 90% (national average = 76%)

SPELLING, PUNCTUATION AND GRAMMAR = 90% (national average = 77%)

MATHS = 92% (national average = 75%)

The data dashboard compares test scores for Key Stage Two pupils in Reading and Maths and teacher assessment for Writing against national average figures (for progress and attainment). The data below is from 2016 as we await the most recent figures for 2017 to be published.

Key Stage One data from teacher assessments is compared to national averages and against children's starting points at the end of their Reception Year.

The dashboard also outlines the results of the Year 1 Phonics Screen and our Reception results and again, compares these to national figures.

The strengths highlighted in our data from 2016 are:


The number of children achieving the expected standard was above the national average for Reading, Writing and Maths:

Reading 88% v 74%

Writing 80% v 65%

Maths 88% v 73%

The number of children acheiving "greater depth" in Reading, Writing and Maths exceeded national averages:

Reading 38% v 24%

Writing 22% v 13%

Maths 22% v 18%


  • Overall % of children reaching the expected standard – 70% (Chilton) v 66% (national figure)


  • Overall – 89% v 74% national
  • A strength – the school has worked phenomenally hard for it to be so
  • Middle achieving girls progress particularly well


  • Overall – 70% v 70% national

% of children reaching the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths combined - 58% v 53 % (national)

Please open the full document below for additional details.


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