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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

HALF TERM 21.10.22

Thank you to all who came to our Harvest assembly on Monday. We are so incredibly proud of the children, who were so confident and sang beautifully.

Congratulations to all the children for completing their first term at school. We wish you all a lovely half-term break.


This week we have been learning the sounds: r, j , v and y.

These sounds will be added into your child’s sounds book. Please spend time looking through these sounds with your child. They might like to think of words which begin with this sound, or practise their handwriting. The main aim is that children can speedily recognise the sounds, this will help when beginning to read.

During our RWI sessions we have been practising orally blending, and building words using sounds we know. We use Fred to help us, Fred can only speak in sounds which encourages children to orally blend. For example, Fred might say today we are making the word v-e-t. Children are encouraged to blend the word - vet, and together we then use our sound cards to make the word.

Lots of children are exploring their learning in RWI during their busy times, and are beginning to confidently build words and read them like Fred.

After half-term, children will finish learning their set 1 sounds.


This week, we have been learning about measure - length and height. We have learnt new vocabulary long/ short/ longer than/ shorter than/ tall/ short/ taller than and shorter than. Children used a variety of objects from the classroom and the forest school to practise using the new vocabulary including comparing objects length and height.

When we come back after half-term, children will be focussing on numbers 1-5 including recognising numerals, ordering numbers and representing numbers.



This week was our final week learning about On the Farm. Children listened to the story The Little Red Hen and learnt about animals and their babies. We played matching games where we had to find an animal and its baby. Some animals we learnt about were pig/ piglet, duck/ duckling, cow/ calf, horse/ foal, mouse/ pup, hen/ chick and goat/ kid.

Then we learnt about all the jobs a farmer could have on the farm. Some farms look after animals, whereas some plant and harvest crops. We acted out lots of different jobs from the farm, and discussed which we would like to have.

Finally, we decided we wanted to help The Little Red Hen as the other animals in the story had not helped. We helped the hen to make some bread, and learnt about the ingredients and process of baking bread. Thank you to all the parents who came in to taste the bread as our exit point!

Next term children will be learning about Celebrations around the World.

Important information

Friday 21st October is the last day of term 1

Thank you to all who have sent in 'Celebration' photos. If you have not done so yet, please email your child's teacher a photo of your child at a celebration.

Tuesday 1st November is the first day of term 2

Parent teacher consultations will be held during the first week of term 2. If you have not yet made an appointment to see your child’s teacher, please do so.

Sibling photos will be taken on Wednesday 9th November

We would like to invite you in to school for a Come Dine with Me on Friday 11th November. This is where you can have lunch with your child in the school hall.  

Have a restful week

The eyfs team


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