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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News 17.11.23

Thank you all for your donations today for Children in Need, they are very much appreciated. Reception has had an amazing week of fun and learning, which we cannot wait to share with you.


We continue this week to learn our sounds in smaller groups. Children are working hard to speedily recall sounds and orally blend the sounds they are learning. We are practising writing our sounds to develop the correct letter formation, and some of us are practising writing words beginning with our sound of the day. In our lessons, there are plenty of opportunities to build words with the sounds we are learning both orally and practically. Please do continue to use your pink sound books at home to reinforce your child’s learning at school.


This week we have been learning to compare groups using the vocabulary more, fewer and the same. We counted the amounts in each group, then put them into a sentence, using our new vocabulary, the groups which had more/ fewer than the other. We used our number knowledge to help us with larger groups, and our subitising skills for groups with smaller amounts. Later in the week we practised one more and one fewer/ less. We used our number lines to help us look for the numbers after and before to support us.

Next week we will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes.

Thematic Curriculum

This week’s learning began with Kindness Day. Children explore what it means to be kind, how to be kind, and how being kind can make us feel. We drew pictures of an act of kindness and the children came up with some beautifully creative ways to spread kindness. We also explored the importance of being kind to ourselves. We discussed how our inner voice is powerful, meaning we should try speaking to ourselves with kindness rather than negativity. Children then learnt about what it means to be a good friend, and how good relationships should make you feel happy, safe and loved. We also learnt that conflicts are normal, and how sometimes compromise is needed to resolve them.

Next week, we will begin our next topic Transport.

Dates to remember/reminders

  • Please see attached letter regarding the Christmas fair.

  • PE kits need to be worn in to school each Friday please.

  • Wednesday 22nd November is Come Dine With Me for Reception children.

  • Week beginning Monday 27th November – book fair will be in school.

  • Monday 27th November – Team Cornflower Naughty Bus Trip

  • Tuesday 28th November – Team Sapphire Naughty Bus Trip

  • Friday 8th December – Year R nativity to parents

  • Tuesday 12th December – Christmas party day for Reception children

  • Wednesday 13th December – Christmas Fair

  • Friday 15th December – Christmas jumper day, Christmas dinner

  • Friday 15th December – school finishes at 2pm

Other information

  • Please ensure that children have a named water bottle which is already filled with water at the start of each day.

  • All clothing to be named please!

  • Please complete the WOW moment sheets regularly and pass them on to your child’s class teacher, so that we can add these to the children’s learning journey books. (These are not for the children’s love to learn books).

  • If you have any small/medium boxes, please send them in. We will be using lots of these over the next few weeks to make different vehicles.

e-mail addresses

Many thanks for all your continued support,

EYFS team


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