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Weekly News! w/b 28.11.22

We've had another exciting week in Year 1, here's what we have been up to…


Read, Write Inc

This week we continued our Read, Write Inc. lessons. We have been working hard to hold and build sentences independently and have impressed our teachers with our progress this week! Saying the sentence that we are going to write again and again before we write it has helped us to remember it and we are really starting to get the hang of leaving finger spaces between words. 

In each reading folder, there is a sound card and list of red words. Any practise with these at home would be extremely helpful and support your child’s reading and writing at home.


This week in maths we continued learning about distance, height and length. At the beginning of the week we learnt how to add two lengths. We chose two different objects and decided which was longest and circled the length on the number line. We then counted the jumps on the number line of the object with the shortest length. The number we landed on gave us the sum of the two lengths in cubes.  Later in the week, we learnt how to find the difference between two lengths. After choosing our objects, we decided which one was the shortest (e.g., 2 cubes) and circled that number on our number square. Then, we counted the jumps until we got to the length of longest object (e.g., 5 cubes); the number of jumps we counted gave us the difference between the two lengths (e.g., 3 cubes).


Science and DT

This week designed and made a windsock. We discussed how our windsocks needed to be weatherproof as they will be outside and decided that it is especially important that they are protected from the rain. So, we asked, which materials are waterproof? We had lots of fun conducting an experiment to test whether various materials are waterproof or absorbent, take a look!

Next, we planned our designs and made our windsocks. We were provided with junk modelling materials, including: plastic bags, tin foil, tape, string, glue and scissors and we loved challenging ourselves to test out how to make the shapes we wanted and how to use tools to best attach each part. Look at our cool products!



All children should now be aware of the role they are playing in the nativity and what costume they will need to wear.   We can’t wait for you to see our performance! Children will need to come in on Monday 12th wearing their costumes and have their school uniform in a bag, to change into after.  Thank you for your help with this!

Christmas Party

 For our Christmas party this year please can you bring...  

Red Romans: Sweet treats i.e cakes and biscuits  

Green Normans: Sandwiches or sausage rolls

Blue Vikings: Savoury items: crisps, chicken bites, cocktail sausages 

Yellow Saxons: Fruit and veg sticks 

Next week…

Next week we will be continuing to work hard on our sounds, reading and writing in our Read, Write Inc lessons.

In Maths, we will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes.

In our afternoon sessions, we will be wrapping up our Thunderbolts and Lightening topic with a weather forecast presentation and quiz! On Monday, we will be making rain gauges so that we can record rainfall for our weather report. If you could please bring in any plastic bottles from home that would be very helpful.

Love to Learn:

This week we would love for you to continue investigating properties of materials. Have a look around your house and conduct some experiments or make a list of materials you find that are waterproof and absorbent and have a think about why those materials have been chosen for each object.

We would also like you to practise your sounds as much as possible :)

Other news:

For this Terms art competition, we are asking children to design ANYTHING in the style of Yayoi Kusama.  Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist who is sometimes called 'the princess of polka dots'. Although she makes lots of different types of art – paintings, sculptures, performances and installations – they have one thing in common, DOTS! 

It is up to you what you design, how you design it or how you would like to present it!  

Entries are due in by 9th January – Please pass these on to your class teachers. Enjoy!  

There will be no Sports Project or PE in the final week of term.

Doors will continue to open in the morning at 8:30am. Registration will be at the slightly earlier time of 8:45am (doors close at this time)

Read at 3 - Every Friday at 3 our doors will be open for you to come in and read with your child, please note, this will be for the full 15 minutes and children should not leave any earlier. Their books will be set up and ready for you to come in and enjoy listening to their wonderful reading.

Please listen to your child read as much as possible at home and record this in their reading records. Every week, one child from each class will receive a reading certificate in our Chilton Heroes assembly and there are also individual class prizes to be won :)

Mrs Howard will be teaching Team Topaz on a Wednesday and Team Aqua on a Thursday.

Dates to remember:

Monday 12th December – Yr 1 Christmas performance at 9:15am… We can't wait!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Winchcombe, Miss Bryson and all the Year 1 team.

Mrs Poppy Winchcombe – Team Topaz –

Miss Polly Bryson – Team Aqua -

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