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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News! w/b 24.4.23

We have had another marvellous week in Year 1! The children have been trying so hard in all areas of their learning – well done to everyone!

House Winners: the winning house this time are....BLUE VIKINGS! They are invitd to come in to school in their own clothes next Wednesday!

Read, Write Inc

The children have been continuing to work hard in their RWI sessions this week. When reading we have been encouraging children to spot the special friend in the word before sounding it out (Fred talking). For example in the word play, they would spot the ‘ay’ first, then Fred talk (p-l-ay) and then say the word (play).

In RWI, children read the same story several times. This is important as it helps children to become familiar with the story and the words and help to improve their fluency when reading. This is something we would encourage when reading at home too. This will really help with their confidence when reading and can also make answering questions about what they have read easier too.

In each reading folder, there is a sound card and list of red words. Any practise with these at home would be extremely helpful and support your child’s reading and writing at home.


This week in maths we have been learning all about time! At the start of the week, children were learning to order days of the week and to know what day comes before/after a given day. Throughout the rest of the week, the children have been learning to read the time for o’clock and half past the hour. Next week in maths, the children will be learning to partition numbers (e.g. knowing that 23 is composed of 20 and 3) and recombine numbers (e.g. knowing that 10 and 10 and 4 makes 24). The children will be using resources (tens and ones) to help them with this.

Thematic lessons

This week we started our new topic: The Toy Story. The children brought in a toy from home and had the opportunity to talk about why they have chosen this toy. They started the topic by making their toy from clay! This week the children have also been learning about different games which are played in different countries and had a go at playing some of these games. We have also been learning about materials and the properties of these materials (hard, soft, flexible, transparent etc). The children then looked at a range of different toys and grouped them based on their properties.

Love to Learn: 

For this week's Love to learn we would like you to keep a diary over a whole day or a few hours, to tell us what the time is (linking to our maths learning this week) and what you were doing at that time. You could draw the clock face and draw the hands on to show the time (or ask an adult to help you draw the clock as this can be tricky!) Choose times which are o’clock and/or half past as these are the times we have been learning in class!

Other news:

Sports Project will remain on Tuesdays.

Swimming is on Thursdays. Children will need to bring a towel, goggles and swimming costume/trunks

Doors will continue to open in the morning at 8:30am. Registration will be at the slightly earlier time of 8:45am (doors close at this time)

Read at 3 - Every Friday at 3 our doors will be open for you to come in and read with your child, please note, this will be for the full 15 minutes and children should not leave any earlier. Their books will be set up and ready for you to come in and enjoy listening to their wonderful reading.

Please listen to your child read as much as possible at home and record this in their reading records. Every week, one child from each class will receive a reading certificate in our Chilton Heroes assembly and there are also individual class prizes to be won :)

Dates to remember:

Red, White and Blue day for the Coronation – Friday 5th May

Viking Games – Wednesday 24th May

Term 5 ends – Friday 26th May


We hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Mrs Winchcombe, Mrs Cheshire, Mrs Cotton and all the Year 1 team.


 Mrs Poppy Winchcombe – Team Topaz –

Mrs Nicki Cotton – Team Aqua –

Mrs Hannah Cheshire – Team Aqua –


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