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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News! 19.1.24

Wow, what an experimental week we've had!

Read, Write Inc.

We have been really enjoying our new Read, Write, Inc groups! We have been practising spotting our sounds and then using fred talk to read words. We have also been continuing to use our fred fingers to help us write the words in our books, but not for the red words, because we all know you can't fred a red! We have been working hard on our writing and making sure all our letters are formed correctly. In your child’s reading folders, you will find some set 1,2 and 3 sounds and also some red words. Any practice with these would be wonderful!


Reading at 3 - Every Friday at 3 our doors will be open for you to come in and read with your child, please note, this will be for the full 15 minutes and children should not leave any earlier. Their books will be set up and ready for you to come in and enjoy listening to their wonderful reading. 

Reading folders - All children will bring home two books, one being a RWI home book. Children are expected to try and read this three times during the week to ensure they are building on their reading fluency. The RWI home books will be changed, by an adult, every Friday.

The other book (with the coloured sticker) should be changed independently by the child themselves - first thing in the morning is a great time to do this! 

Please ensure that the reading folders are being placed in the reading-coloured trays, so we can read with your children and ensure books get changed. Thank you for your support with this!

Please listen to your child read as much as possible at home and record this in their reading records. Every week, one child from each class will receive a reading certificate in our Chilton Heroes assembly.


This week we have been looking at word problems. We started off by practising how to read and write numbers to twenty in words, then the real work began. We were given word problems and had to work out the secret maths code in each! First we had to write down the numbers involved, then we had to work out whether to add or take away. We were super at interpreting the different maths language in the sentences, such as total, altogether, less, left. Take a look at our equations!

Next week we will be learning about mass.




We have been very busy little scientists indeed! We have been finding out all about germs by conducting some experiments. To understand the importance of being hygienic around food, for our first experiment, we used three slices of bread. We touched one slice with unwashed hands, one with washed hands and one straight out the bag using tongs. We placed them into three separate zip lock bags. Now we will sit tight and observe any changes to see what happens!

For our next experiment, we used glitter to represent germs. We predicted that if we put our hands in glitter, then touched somebody else that the germs would spread - and we were right! We made posters about the importance of washing hands to stop spreading germs and stay healthy.

After learning all about how germs spread, we learnt about a brilliant scientist from the past called Edward Jenner. We learnt the story of how he spotted that milk maids caught cowpox but never died from smallpox and how he used this to create a vaccination to stop the spread of the disease and save thousands of lives! Take a look at our role play to see how we got on.

Next week we will be planning, making and evaluating a healthy meal in DT. 


Love to Learn

This week we would love for you to think about our learning around food groups from last week and decide if the meals you are eating this weekend are balanced. Do you have something from each food group on your plate? Are they in the correct proportions? How could you make healthier choices? Take a look at the Eatwell Plate below for guidance. And don't forget to also make sure you are drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated!

Other news

Next week is National Storytelling Week! 

PE is on a Wednesday.

Sports project will be on a Tuesday – Only trainers needed, with full school uniform.

Doors will continue to open in the morning at 8:30am. Registration will be at the slightly earlier time of 8:45am (doors close at this time).


Mrs Reavill will be teaching Team Peacock every Tuesday. 

Miss Kennedy will be teaching Team Azure every Friday afternoon. 

Dates to remember...

2/2/24 – NSPCC Number day: Reception and KS1 to dress in anything related to number and Ks2 to dress as rock stars. £1 voluntary contribution for NSPCC. 

2/2/24 – Number Day School Disco:  

Reception and KS1 3.15-4.15 – Children who wish to attend will be taken by their teachers straight to the disco at 3.15 and can be collected from their classrooms at 4.15.  

Ks2 – drop off and collection from front of school. More details will be sent out by the Chilton Fundraisers later in the term. 

6/2/24 – Online safety day Children dress to express, meaning they come in whatever they like, bright clothes, sportswear, club uniforms…. whatever makes them feel happy! 

6/2/24 Curry and Quiz school fundraiser for adults (details to arrive in the New Year)  

9/2/24 - Last day of term  

19/02/24 - Term 4 starts for children  

Thank you for your support with your child's learning,

Mrs Winchcombe, Miss Bryson and all the Year 1 team.


 Mrs Poppy Winchcombe – Team Peacock –

Miss Polly Bryson – Team Azure –

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