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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News! 26.4.24

It's been another exciting week in Year 1, take a look at everything we have been up to...

Read, Write Inc.

We have been continuing practising spotting our sounds and then using fred talk to read words. We have also been continuing to use our fred fingers to help us write the words in our books, but not for the red words, because we all know you can't fred a red! We have been working hard on our writing and making sure all our letters are formed correctly. We have been really working on our big writes - keeping diaries at home, writing comic strips, writing postcards/cards, and making up stories at home can really support this! In your child’s reading folders, you will find some set 1,2 and 3 sounds and also some red words. Any practice with these would be wonderful!


*UPDATE*     Read, Write, Ink home readers will now be changed on Mondays not Fridays. Please continue to remind the children to put their reading folder in the coloured trays so that we can give them new books.

Reading at 3 - Every Friday at 3 our doors will be open for you to come in and read with your child. Please note, this will be for the full 15 minutes and children should not leave any earlier. Their books will be set up and ready for you to come in and enjoy listening to their wonderful reading. 

Reading folders - All children will bring home two books, one being a RWI home book. Children are expected to try and read this three times during the week to ensure they are building on their reading fluency. The RWI home books will be changed, by an adult, every Monday.

The other book (with the coloured sticker) should be changed independently by the child themselves - first thing in the morning is a great time to do this! 

Please ensure that the reading folders are being placed in the reading-coloured trays, so we can read with your children and ensure books get changed. Thank you for your support with this!

Please listen to your child read as much as possible at home and record this in their reading records. Every week, one child from each class will receive a reading certificate in our Chilton Heroes assembly.

Let's practice spotting special friends, fred talk, read the word. Your words of the week are....remember you can break up multisyllabic words into two chunks with your finger to help!


We started by focusing on two shapes. To begin we looked around the classroom to see if we could recognise any patterns or shapes. We then used geo boards, iPads and card and scissors to create our own 2D shape pictures! Some of us even challenged ourselves to make pentagons on the geoboards, which was quite tricky! Next, we recapped three shapes. To start our lesson we looked around to see if we could spot any 3D shapes in the classroom, then we had a go at creating our own 3D models using magnetic shapes, everyday items and sticks with blue tac!  

Next week we will be looking at place value.



This week we became scientists! We were asked what the best material for a bath toy would be. We first thought about the purpose of a bath toy. After discussion, we wanted to find a material that could float, dry quickly and did not break easily. We all thought that light hard plastic or soft rubber would be best. To check this, we conducted an experiment to see what materials would be best suited. Take a look!


Home learning

This week we would love for you to continue exploring the materials around your house. Draw and label a picture of your house or anything inside it. Write the materials that it is made from and why they are suitable. Perhaps you would like to conduct some more experiments of your own!

Other news

PE is on a Wednesday.

Sports project will be on a Tuesday – Only trainers needed, with full school uniform.

Doors will continue to open in the morning at 8:30am. Registration will be at the slightly earlier time of 8:45am (doors close at this time).

Mrs Howard will be teaching Team Peacock every Tuesday and Team Azure on Monday afternoons.

Dates to remember...

3rd May - Year 1 Trip to WonderWorks (Hornby)

8th May - Year 1 class assembly

22nd May - Year 1 and 2 Viking Games at Chilton Primary School

24th May - Dress to Express day and Be here, be you, belong parade at 2.15 on school field

24th May - Last day of term

Thank you for your support towards your child's learning,


Mrs Winchcombe, Miss Bryson and all the Year 1 team.

 Mrs Poppy Winchcombe – Team Peacock –

Miss Polly Bryson – Team Azure –

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