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Weekly news! 22.9.23

Another super amazing week for Year 2! Take a look at what we have been up to.


In Maths this week, we have been looking at adding! We have been using the vocabulary:

We started the week by learning how to add a multiple of 10 to a 2 digit number on a hundred square. We learnt that for every 10, you can jump down instead of counting out 10, 20, 30 each time. Take a look at the examples below.
27 + 10 = 37                                                                                                                                                       64 + 20 = 

We later looked at adding 2 digit + 2 digit. We learnt that we added the tens first by going down the hundred square and then went across to the right to add the ones. For example.

37 + 22 = 





In English this week, we have been looking at verbs and adverbs and how we can use these in sentences to make them unique and interesting. We upskilled vocabulary this week for example instead of flew we learnt the verb swooped, instead of looked we learnt glared, instead of eat we learnt gobbled and instead of cried we learnt shrieked. 

We also looked at comprehension focusing on retrieval! We learnt that when answering questions about the book we had to become book detectives to find the answer. We then put these answers into a full sentence using a conjunction such as because. We have worked so hard this week!


In RWI this week we have been focusing on building up their fluency when reading, this included their pace, speed, expressions and reading punctuation. Any additional practice at home will be hugely beneficial.

SPaG (Spellings, Punctuation and Grammar)

This week we have been reminding ourselves what capital letters look like by completing a range of matching games. In Spellings, we have been looking at the suffix -ly. Suffixes are letters that you add on to the end of words to change their meanings. Most words you can just add ly to. If you add ly to the end of a verb (doing word), it changes it to an adverb (describing how you do something). The rules below will show you some exceptions. Rules: If a word ends consonant y – you drop the y and add ily (happy - happily) If a word ends in le – replace it with ly (terrible - terribly)

Thematic Curriculum


In Sow and Grow, we have been scientists! We started the week by investigating what seeds need to grow. We decided that we would try one seed with soil, light and water, another seed with soil, light but no water, another seed with soil and water but no light! We will check in a week to see how they are getting on! 

Later in the week we looked at the concept alive, dead, or never been alive. Dry leaves on the ground are dead, but they were once part of a living tree. Bones were once part of a living animal that now is dead. Anything metal, plastic or stone has never been alive. We identified if different things were alive, dead or never been alive. We knew that for things to be alive they need move, respire, show sensitivity, grow, reproduce, excrete and need nutrition.


When being artists this week, we looked at primary and secondary colours. We mixed primary colours of red, blue and yellow in different combinations to create secondary colours! We now know that...

red + yellow = orange

red + blue = purple

blue + yellow = green


In Handwriting, we have been continuing practising our print letters using the RWI patters. Super handwriting Team Aqua and Team Topaz!

 Some of us may have started to look at cursive handwriting. We use the same patters as above but ensure the letters start on the line and end in a lovely flick! This is to help us join letters later on.

Next week in:

Next week in English we will be writing a story using the skills we have learnt so far this term of adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

Next week in Maths we will be continuing to add 2 digit + 2 digit numbers and then we will move on to subtracting numbers. We will start by subtracting 2 digit - 1 digit numbers and move onto 2 digit - multiples of 10.

Next week in Thematic Curriculum we will be looking into seasons and how this impacts the trees around us, we will check in on the seeds we planted and write a conclusion on the findings.

Love to Learn

Other News

We have had a few questions regarding what our days look like and what we are up to. Please find below a timetable of what our week looks like…


- Sports Project is on a Monday afternoon (please wear trainers and normal school clothes).

- PE is on a Tuesday afternoon please can all children come into school in their PE kits (plain navy or black shorts or trousers, plain white t-shirt and a navy sweatshirt).

- AR – Accelerated Reader have completed a whole system update over the summer and the website is currently being updated. Whilst this is still on-going we do not have access to this. We will send updates once this becomes available again.


Later this term, we will be celebrating Harvest. As part of this, we would like to invite families in to watch our Harvest Assembly. These will take place in the school hall on the following dates:

Tuesday 3rd October: 9am Year R and 1 and 2.45pm Year 2

Wednesday 4th October: 9am Year 3 and 4 and 2.30pm Year 5 and 6

Please enter the school via the main school office.

As part of the celebrations, we will also be collecting food that we will be donating to Thanet Food Bank. We will be taking donations between Wednesday 27th September and Monday 2nd October. If you are able to donate, the food bank accepts any tinned, jarred or packet foods that are in date.

In addition to this, as part of our celebrations all children will be entered into a raffle to win Captain Moo Man and Paulo, our reward bears from last year.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday!  

Miss Hall, Miss Davey and Mrs Barlow

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