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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News! 17.11.23

What a great week! a top favourite memory of the year so far is having the fire fighters in to speak about the differences from firefighters from the past to now.

MathsWhat is 'shared between'? | TheSchoolRun

In Maths this week, we have been looking at dividing! We looked at 2 methods, the sharing method and the grouping method. Division by sharing relates to problems in which children are tasked with sharing items out between varying numbers of people, as a way of helping them to visual division sums through practical examples. 

Division by grouping is a method or strategy that is used to introduce the concept of division. The process involves collecting an equal amount from a group and counting how many groups can be made equally. So, all the groups need to have the same amount in. 

We looked at these 2 methods and used them to solve division problems.


Fact of the week!

Next week our Fact of the Week is

2 + 4 = 6


This week in English we have continued ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’ by Julia Donaldson. We have been focusing on different word classes and conjunctions. We have also continued to work on constructing simple sentences accurately, and we even had a go at editing and improving our own writing!


In RWI this week we have been focusing on building up fluency when reading, this included focusing on pace, speed, expressions and reading punctuation. Any additional practice at home will be hugely beneficial.

SPAG (Spellings, Punctuation and Grammar)

This week in SPaG, we have been looking at the suffix -ing. A suffix is a letter or group of letters added at the end of a word which makes a new word.

Adding ‘ing’ rules: When a verb ends in "e", drop the "e" and add "-ing". For example: take + ing = taking. When a one-syllable verb ends in vowel + consonant, double the final consonant and add "-ing". For example: hit + ing = hitting. When a verb ends in vowel + consonant with stress on the final syllable, double the consonant and add "-ing". For example: begin + ing = beginning. Do not double the consonant of words with more than one syllable if the stress is not on the final syllable. For example: “remember" has three syllables – re-mem -ber - and the stress is on the second syllable therefore do not add another consonant -- "remembering".

We played many games to get used to writing but also reading these words.


In PSHE this week, we have focused on kindness and the quote 'in a world you can be anything, be kind'. We have looked at how we can be kind to ourselves, kind to others but also what to do if someone is being unkind to us.








In Art this week, we focused on using cutting skills with clay and play dough. We used stencils and other tools to help us create shapes. We are building up our sculpture skills as in a few weeks time we will be creating a tile!

Next week in:

Next week in English we will be starting The Stickman! We will be focusing on the reading skills of clarifying, questioning and summarising.

Next week in Thematic Curriculum, we will be continuing learning about The Great Fire of London. We will be learning about the Great Fire by looking at a range of sources and discussing if they are reliable or not.

Next week in Maths we will be learning about Fractions! We will be looking at finding fractions of a shape and number.


Key Dates

Monday 27th – Thursday 30th – Book Fair in School Wednesday 6th December – Year 2 and 4 Come Dine

Tuesday 12th December -Year 1 & 2 Christmas Parties (pm)

Wednesday 13th December – Year 2 Christmas Performance (doors 9:00 for a 9:15 start)

Christmas Fair from 3:30 Thursday 14th December

Friday 15th December – Christmas Jumper Day (just for fun) and Christmas Dinner School ends at 2:00

Term 3 starts for Children Wednesday 3rd January


Please may you bring in wellies for the children to use at lunch time on the field.

Sports Project is on a Monday (please wear trainers and normal school clothes).

PE is on a Tuesday afternoon please can all children come into school in their PE kits (plain navy or black shorts or trousers, plain white t-shirt and a navy sweatshirt).


Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday! 

Miss Hall, Miss Davey and Mrs Barlow

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