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Weekly News! 2.2.24


What a great week Team Aqua and Team Topaz have had Check out what we have been up to!

Number Day!

A huge thank to you all for your fabulous outfits and generous donations to NSPCC.

To start Number Day off with a bang, we read The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins. The children loved this book, it is about a family that are just about to eat cookies when suddenly the doorbell rings! Each time the doorbell rings they keep sharing the cookies and dividing them equally. As a class we were given a pack of raisins and cupcake cases as our sharing circles and had to solve different division calculations. After sharing the raisins equally, we were able to eat them up.


To practise our division skills even further after reading ‘The Doorbell Rang’, we found different items in the forest school such as, leaves and twigs. We created sharing circles to share the items fairly.

This afternoon we carefully read a calculation and predicted if the sharing circles would be equal or unequal. We then had to prove it by looking at the divisor, drawing the sharing circles with chalk and then sharing out the amount. Take a look at our wonderful learning.



This week in maths we have been looking at multiplication! We started the week using arrays to help us and then we were introduced to the commutative law, this is where the calculation is the same if we swap the numbers around e.g.

Next, we looked at tricky word problems and bar models using our 2,5- and 10-times table knowledge. You all worked so hard this week in maths, well done Team Aqua and Team Topaz.


Next week in maths we will be continuing to use our division skills with remainders.


Fact of the week!

Next week our Fact of the Week is  

8 X 2 = 16



This week in English we have continued the book Traction Man by Mini Grey. We have looked at speech bubbles of the characters in the book. We challenged ourselves to use exciting sentence openers and interesting conjunctions. All the children worked super hard this week in English and Miss Davey, Mrs Barlow, Miss Kennedy and I are all so proud!

Next week we will be continuing our book Traction Man by Mini Grey and we will be focusing on expanded noun phrases.

You can find the link to the story below:



In RWI this week we have been focusing on building up fluency when reading, this included focusing on pace, speed, expressions and reading punctuation. Any additional practice at home will be hugely beneficial.


Guided Reading

This week in Guided Reading we have drawn our favourite part of Traction Man and discussed how the characters might be feeling.

Later in the week we looked at Haiku poems. We learnt that they come from Japan and have specific features which we identified in a range of poems given to us. Here we are tapping the syllables with our fingers on our arms and identifying them in the poems. On Thursday we created our very own Haiku poems!


This week in Thematic we continued our unit ‘The Harbour’ and continued to be geographers. On Monday we looked at human and physical features in the UK and then on Thursday we looked at human and physical features in the world! The children were so excited to see so many wonders of the world and loved looking at all the pictures.

Next week in the afternoons we will have R.E lessons.



School Trip

Team Topaz

On Monday 5th February 2024 children will need to come in normal school uniform and trainers for Sports Slam. Please make sure children come in with a water bottle and coat.

Team Aqua

On Tuesday 6th February 2024 it is dress to express for our online safety day. Children are allowed to wear their own clothes. Please be mindful that it is our school trip to the harbour and in the afternoon, the children will still be having a PE lesson. Please make sure children come in with a water bottle and coat.

Key Dates

4/2/24 Team Topaz trip – see above!

6/2/24 Team Aqua trip – see above!

6/2/24 – Online safety day Children dress to express, meaning they come in whatever they like, bright clothes, sportswear, club uniforms…. whatever makes them feel happy! 

6/2/24 Curry and Quiz school fundraiser for adults (details to arrive in the New Year)  

9/2/24 - Last day of term  

19/02/24 - Term 4 starts for children  


Please may you bring in wellies for the children to use at lunch time on the field.

Sports Slam is on a Monday afternoon please can children come into school in their normal school uniform and wear trainers on this day.

This term Year 2 will continue to have PE on a Tuesday afternoon. Team Aqua will be inside for PE and Team Topaz will be outside for PE.

Read at 3 is on a Friday at 3pm.


Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday! 

Miss Hall, Miss Davey, Mrs Barlow and Miss Kennedy



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