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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News! 8.3.24

What a great week Team Aqua and Team Topaz have had Check out what we have been up to!

World Book Day!

We would like to say a big thank you to you all, the children all looked incredible in their outfits! The children shared all their wonderful stories with their table and for World Book Day we looked at the book The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. We compared Stick Man and the Snail and the Whale and found lots of similarities and differences. We then looked at the rhyming words Julia Donaldson uses and practised the Makaton signs for some of the key vocabulary in the book.


The Chilton Masked Reader 

This year, we will share Chilton Masked Reader videos for World Book Day.  These videos will be created by our talented members of staff who will read a story without revelling their faces.  We hope our Chilton families will enjoy the stories and guess who the masked readers are! Links to these videos will be available on all school Blogs.  

Please find the links to the videos below:

The Masked Reader Videos – Passwords for these videos: WBD24 

Year R The Way Back Home - 

Year R The Dinosaur That Pooped A Pirate - 

Year R The Smeds And The Smoos - 

Year 1 The Three Ninja Pigs - 

Year 1 We Are Family - 

Year 2 The Giant Jumperee - 

Year 2 We’re Going On A Bear Hunt - 

Year 3 Where The Wild Things Are - 

Year 3 Dave - 

Year 6 Dirty Bertie - 

Year 6 Where The Wild Things Are - 

Year 6 There’s a Bear On My Chair - 

Year 6 Under The Same Sky - 



This week in maths we have continued measuring lengths and heights using the 4 operations. We started the week using column method to help us with addition and subtraction. Later in the week we used our times table knowledge and arrays to help us solve word problems. Today we have used our division skills to solve word problems. We did this by using sharing circles and dividing equally.

Next week in maths we will be looking at Fractions.

Fact of the week!

Next week our Fact of the Week is 3 X 5 = 15


This week in English we have started a new book ‘Surprising Sharks’ by Nicola Davies. We have been writing different sentence types including statements, questions and exclamations. We worked on constructing and punctuating each sentence accurately and then looked to see how we could edit and improve them. We challenged ourselves this week to use a subordinating or coordinating conjunction in our statements.



Next week in English we will be continuing the book Surprising Sharks and writing statements to include conjunctions.



In RWI this week we have been focusing on building up fluency when reading, this included focusing on pace, speed,


Guided Reading

This week in Guided Reading we started off by predicting if the book was fiction or non-fiction and what the book would be about. After that we read our new book ‘Surprising Sharks’ by Nicola Davies and we clarified any words or phrases we were unsure of. Later in the week, we discussed what else we would like to know about sharks and wrote our own questions.




This week in Thematic we continued our unit ‘Nurturing Nurses’ and wrote a thank you letter to Florence Nightingale for all she has done for hospitals. We then moved our learning on and became scientists. We looked at what animals need to survive and alive, dead and never been alive. For example, Trees are living things. Dogs, cats, fish, snakes, bees and people are also living things.

Dry leaves on the ground are dead, but they were once part of a living tree. Bones were once part of a living animal that now is dead.

Anything metal, plastic or stone has never been alive.

We introduced the children to MRS GREN a helpful acronym to remember each of the 7 necessary features of living things. 

Next week in Thematic we have our science day on Monday, and we will be moving our learning onto computing.


This week in art we created our own printing tiles using foam boards. We did this by indenting the foam with a pencil and the right pressure onto the foam. Once we had finished our tile our next task was to print using paint. We had to load the tile and press and roll the tile.

Next week in art we will be continuing to use foam boards to create our tiles, we will then use this to create a final piece by layering our prints on top of one another.



Science Day Poster Competition 

On Monday 11th March, we will be taking part in British Science Week here at Chilton. For British Science week, the theme this year is‘Time’. You are invited to enter a competition to create a poster maybe showing how a certain type of technology has changed over time, or even the advancement of time-telling technology itself. Budding poster makers could also go futuristic, showing us how they think the world might look in years to come. You could perhaps look at nature – lifecycles, lifespans, evolution and hibernation – nature is full of timely topics. Your poster must only be A4 or A3 size. It will be scanned so it must be flat. There will be prizes in school and also our 5 best entries from across the school will be entered to a national competition. Here is what the judges will be looking for: 

Creativity in approach dont be afraid to think outside the box and present your entry in a slightly different way. 

Content– Clear, accurate and informative about a Science topic. 

Effective communication presented and communicated in an engaging way. 

Entries to Miss Isaac by Friday 22nd March 2024 


Book Fayre 

The Chilton Book Fayre will arrive on Monday 11th March and run until Friday 15th March outside the Year 5 classrooms. World Book Day book vouchers can be spent at the fayre. Cash and online payments are also available and a percentage of the monies raised will go towards funding more books for Chilton children. 

Key Dates

Monday 11th March - Science Day (More information to follow)

Monday 11th – Thursday 14th March – Book Fair in school

Friday 15th March – Red Nose Day - Wear something funny for money

Friday 15th March – Parent Book Look 3:15 for Parent-Teacher Consultations Please feel free to come in from 3, as there will be no read at 3 on this day.

Monday 18th – Thursday 21st March – Parent-Teacher Consultations

Thursday 21st March – Rock Your Socks Day in support of Down Syndrome Awareness

Thursday 21st March – Year 2 Assembly 9:00 – Parents invited

Wednesday 27th March – Come Dine With Me for Years 2 & 3

Thursday 28th March – Easter Egg Hunts

Thursday 28th March – Easter Bonnet Parade 10:30 for Reception, Year 1&2 (parents invited)

Thursday 28th March – Term 4 ends (normal time @3:15)

Friday 29th March – Good Friday

Monday 15th April  - Term 5 begin


Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday! 

Miss Hall, Miss Davey, Mrs Barlow and Miss Kennedy

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