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One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3 Weekly News - 20.1.23

This week:

In English this week we have been learning how to write suspense features. This means we want to write in a way that scares the reader. We loved this style of writing. We learnt to vary our sentence lengths, using short sentences to shock our reader. We learnt to use rhetorical questions like... What was that? Who's there? We also used amazingly scary verbs and adverbs to really challenge ourselves. We crept, shuffled and scurried through the tunnel. 

The Tunnel: 1: Anthony Browne, Walker Books: 9781406313291:  Books

In maths we absolutely SMASHED learning about fractions this week. We were able to order and compare fractions with confidence. We know that if our denominator is the same, then we need to look at the size of our numerator. 

Comparing Fractions with Like Denominators - Maths with Mum

Thematic learning

This week we found out about our champion of courage - Marie Curie! Do you know why we might have chosen her? As us about why she showed such courage. Did you know that she won two Nobel prizes? She is amazing!

In our Science learning we found out about our muscles. We also conducted our first full investigation where we explored our muscles when we jumped. We looked at how we needed a fair test.

Marie Curie - Wikipedia

Next week:

In English we will be reading the book, 'Gorilla' and writing character descriptions. 

In Maths we will be working on our written and mental methods for addition and subtraction. We are making sure that we know our number bonds to 20 and then to 100.

In Thematic we will be learning in DT. We will be learning about nutrition and making healthy dishes starting with a fruity yoghurt. Please do let us know if there are any allergies that we are unaware of at school.


Love to Learn:

We would love to see you cooking or baking at home! If you can help with a meal, take a photo or video and bring it in for our topic display. You can email photos to us and we can print at school.


We are still learning words ending in 'ing'






Finally, have a wonderful weekend,

The Year 3 Team.


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