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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3 News!

 Another hot week this week. The children have again coped extremely well in this week and we are exceptionally proud of the work they have produced and the amount of effort they have put in.


This week we have continued reading our class text, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. The children have been thinking really deeply about the changes that are occurring to Edward throughout the story and have made some comparisons to other stories like ‘The Grinch’. In our writing, we have been learning how to use adverbs and adverbials to demonstrate character (e.g. In a ruthless manner, Lolly threw Edward onto the sofa). The children have been amazing at showing their characters through use of adverbs and adverbials and have carefully considered where they are using these within their sentences.  I wonder if your children can tell you what has happened so far in our story and if they can predict where the story may go next?



This week our learning has been focused on measuring mass in grams and kilograms. The children have been learning how to measure mass using a scale, convert between the two measurements, compare different masses of different objects and how to add and subtract mass. The children have worked incredibly hard in our Maths learning this week, continuing to persevere with some tricky concepts.

Next week we will be looking at money sense in Maths and linking this to our PSHE.



This week in Geography, year 3 have been learning about where in the world are rainforests? We have been looking into different biome belts and questioning why rainforests are in the same biome belt. The children pleasantly surprised as with the plethora of knowledge they had about rainforests. Later in the week, we learnt about the different layers of the rainforest, coming up with actions to symbolise them. The children created some fabulous lift the flap information booklets about the layers of the rainforest. Finally, we looked at the effects of deforestation and different views on this topic. We finished our learning with a debate in class about whether deforestation was a good thing or a bad thing , the children gave some amazing insights into their opinions on deforestation but did this in such a calm, polite manner – we were so proud!


This week year 3 learnt about colour washes. We used watercolours to create a picture with a range of gradients which moved from light to dark.  The children then added detail to their pictures to produce a rainforest picture. What a creative bunch of year 3’s we have!


Computing and French

This week Team Cyan have been looking at how to write a code using written methods and  Scratch Jr. Team Turquoise have been learning how to say their pets in French.


National Rail competition

Design a rail safety poster on A4 (landscape) all about:

Station safety.

Level crossing safety.

Or on-board train safety.


The winner will receive:

A family day ticket to London including High speed 1 trains.

Artwork will be displayed in the Petley arch at the station mounted on boards.

You will be invited to the launch of the new station ceremony on 8th September.

You will then get your artwork back placed on mounted board.

Entries must be in by Wednesday 28th June.

 We can’t wait to see your entries!



Please make sure children quiz on AR when they have finished a book. Some of the children are doing lots of reading but not passing the quiz at the end. It would be really helpful if you could quiz with them. If this is not possible, please let us know and we can quiz with them at school. Thank you.

Please continue to bring in water bottles, sun hats and wear sun cream!

Viking non-school uniform on 27th June

Sports day: Monday 10th July – Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) from 9:15am

For guitarists and choir members the Music Evening is on June 28th at 6pm



Please continue to practice the red words that were attached in the blog last week. We would like you to particularly focus on writing these words in sentences so the children can use this in their writing.


Home learning

READING: The competition is on! We would love to have Year 3 win the most quizzes in the school. Please read as much as possible this weekend and get a quiz completed! If your current reading book is long, you can choose a short book on MyOn or take a shorter book from school!

MATHS: As we have been learning about mass in Maths, we would like the children to investigate different masses through using different means. This could be through measuring items at home with a scale, adding or subtracting the mass of different items, doing some baking and measuring the ingredients.


Have a wonderful weekend,

The Year 3 Team

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