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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3 News!

What an exciting week Year 3 have had! Let’s have a look at our learning from this week.


This week in English, we have been focusing on weaving dialogue into our narratives. At the beginning of the week, we practiced our use of inverted commas and reporting clauses. We then expanded on this and added descriptive vocabulary and phrases around our dialogue. To end the week, the children wrote their own narrative based on a picture. We have been really impressed with their creativity this week.


Maths and PSHE were combined to make money sense week. The children have been learning about different ways to pay and the importance of tracking our spending. We then expanded on this and looked into what impacts different people’s spending decisions and how our spending decisions can impact the environment. We linked this back to our Bean to Bar topic and spoke about Fairtrade. Finally, Year 3 looked at the risks involved with money, specifically focusing on the impact of gambling. We created a role play scene to show how it can negatively impact people’s well being.


We have begun our science module and have been learning about plants. We have looked at the different parts of a plant. We started with the roots and learnt that these are fundamental to the absorption of water into the plant. The stem, was our next focus and we learnt that in the stem there are xylem tubes and this is how water is transported from the roots to the plant. We also learnt that the stem is a supportive structure and there are different stem types.


We are working our way towards our final pieces! This week, we were practicing layering watercolours and using different brushes to achieves different levels of detail.

Computing and French

Team Turquoise have recapped how to say different pets in French. They then went on and learnt about I have, she has and he has.  Team Cyan continued their work with code and had to programme a sprite to move around a maze.


Please continue to practice the red words that were attached in the blog last week. We would like you to particularly focus on writing these words in sentences so the children can use this in their writing.


READING: The competition is on! We would love to have Year 3 win the most quizzes in the school. Please read as much as possible this weekend and get a quiz completed! If your current reading book is long, you can choose a short book on MyOn or take a shorter book from school! learning

PSHE: As we have been learning about payment methods and being safe with money this week, we would like the children to explore this at home. If you got to the shops this week could you please  discuss what priorities are needed and if possible, can the children use a payment method to pay.


- Please make sure children quiz on AR when they have finished a book. Some of the children are doing lots of reading but not passing the quiz at the end. It would be really helpful if you could quiz with them. If this is not possible, please let us know and we can quiz with them at school. Thank you.

- Sports day: Monday 10th July – Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6) from 9:15am. Team Cyan are representing Jamaica and Team Turquoise are representing Brazil. Children are encouraged to wear bright coloured clothing (of any colour) or normal PE kit. They are to wear this to school and keep it on all day.

- Team Cyan will have their class treat on Tuesday 4th July. The class have chosen to have a teddy bears picnic and so are invited to bring in their own teddy bears. They are also welcome to bring a change of clothes for the afternoon. If possible could you please provide your child with one extra snack for the picnic.

- Strike days are on the 5th and 7th July.


Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 3 Team

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