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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News 10.11.2023

We have had another outstanding week in Year 3 this week and we are excited to show you the children’s amazing successes!


Our English learning this week has seen us finish our class text of ‘The Green Ship’ and writing some fantastic setting descriptions! The children have focused on using ambitious adjectives, varying their sentences openers and using fanboy conjunctions to join two settings together. We finished our week with making chocolate cornflake cakes to help inspire us for our setting description about ‘The Chocolate Room’ from Charlie and the chocolate factory. We also used the vivid description in the book and the scene from the film to inspire our writing. We utilised all the skills we learnt over the last two weeks and really impressed all the adults in year 3! Have a watch of the video below of Quentin Blake talking about the illustrations from the Green Ship.

Next week, we will continue to use our class text ‘The Green Ship’ to write some character descriptions.


This week in Maths, we have continued our learning about fractions but deepened our understanding by learning about equivalent fractions to a half. We have also been learning about tenths and that tenths are derived from dividing an object into ten equal parts. The children have really impressed us with their efforts and knowledge about equivalent fractions.

Next week we will be learning about 2D shapes and their properties, 3D shapes, their properties and how to construct them out of different materials.

Fact of the week

Next week our fact of the week is

4 x 3 = 12


This week in our punctuation and grammar lesson we have been learning about joining two main clauses in one sentence using F (for) A(and) N(nor) B(but) O(or) Y(yet) S(so).  for example:

The sky became dark and miserable for their was a storm on the way.

In spelling we are continuing to focus on our year 2 red words.

Thematic curriculum

This week we continued our thematic unit called ‘Feel the force, See the light’. Our focus this week has been on magnetism. On Monday, we conducted our own scientific experiment into magnetic materials. We learnt that only materials with certain metals within them are magnetic. Our Tuesday lesson focused on learning about how magnets attract and repel, using key vocabulary such as North pole, South pole, magnetic field, attract and repel. We furthered our knowledge through learning about the Earth’s magnetic field and how compasses work. On Wednesday we conducted a research carousel learning all about the famous scientist Albert Einstein. The children really engaged with this lesson and learnt lots about Einstein.

Next week, we will be taking a pause from our Force and Light topic as it is ‘Healthy Relationships’ week. The theme of this week is 'If you can be anything, be kind'. We will be learning about the impact bullying can have on others and about how to be kind to others and kind to ourselves.

We also started our new art topic this week all about ‘Artists’. This week’s lesson focused on recreating the famous ‘Girl with the pearl earring’ painting by Johannes Vermeer. The children really wowed their class teachers with their amazing creativity and recreation skills.

Love to Learn

Task 1: Complete the fractions: intro game on topnarks (link here - Use the shape levels not the word cards. 

Task 2: Make an informative poster about Johannes Vermeer, this can be presented in any way the children like

Task 3: Practice the spellings for the spelling test next Thursday (16th November):

Mrs, Mr, child, behind, clothes kind

Other News


Chilton will be taking part in TTRS England Rocks. This runs from 14th-16th November (7:30am-7:30pm each day). There is a limit of 60 mins per player each day. It would be great to have as many Chilton children taking part as possible over the 3 days!

Dates to Remember

Monday 13th November – Kindness Day

Friday 17th November – Pyjama Day for Children in Need (voluntary donation)

Monday 27th – Thursday 30th – Book Fair in School

Wednesday 29th November – Year 3 and 5 Come Dine

Wednesday 13th December - Christmas Fair from 3:30

Thursday 14th December – KS2 Christmas parties (more information to follow)

Friday 15th December – Christmas Jumper Day (just for fun) and Christmas Dinner School ends at 2:00

Term 3 starts for Children Wednesday 3rd January


Please can children bring in wellies for use at lunch time on the field

Sports project is now a Thursday – please wear trainers and school clothes

PE is a Friday this term with swimming – children are to come into school in their PE kit but bring their swimming kit with them. Children return to school before the end of the day.

Reading records are to be handed in daily. The KS2 reading expectation is the children must read 4 times a week with an adult. 


Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you Monday!

The Year 3 team

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