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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News 05.01.2024

Year 3 have had a wonderful first week back, even with it being so short! Let’s have a look at what we have been up to.


In English this week, we have started our new text ‘into the forest’. The children have loved looking at the images in the book, noticing the small details and linking them to other famous texts such as Snow White. In writing, the children have been writing setting descriptions about a forest, focusing on using prepositions (where something is, e.g. next to) and expanded noun phrases (adjective, adjective noun). The children have astounded us with their ambitious vocabulary choices and have created great imagery within their setting descriptions.

Next week, we will carry on reading ‘into the forest’ and focus on character descriptions.


Our Maths learning this week has been focused on number and place value. We have been looking at comparing and ordering numbers up to 1000, looking at the hundreds column first to see if there is any difference and then moving to the tens column if the hundreds are the same. The children have worked really hard to understand this securely and are now very confident in this area.

Next week, we are moving on to a geometry topic where we will learn about perimeter, turns and angles.


 In our punctuation and grammar lessons this week, we have been learning about adjectives and nouns and really securing our knowledge on what these are. An adjective describes a noun and a noun is a person, place or thing.

Next week we will be doing a spelling assessment of all the Year 2 red words so please keep practicing these at home


This week, our afternoon lessons have been dedicated to PE and learning about our champion of courage, Jelena Dokic. On Wednesday, the children spoke about what is meant by courage and researched all about Jelena Dokic and why she is a courageous woman. Our Friday lesson then looked deeper into what courage is, with us speaking about examples of times we have been courageous in our lives. The children had very good insights into different ways courage can be shown and were very courageous in sharing their own experiences.

Next week our afternoon sessions will be looking at our new thematic topic ‘How my body works’ with a special guest on Monday.

Love to Learn

Due Thursday 11th January 2024

     1. Make a poster about verbs and adverbs. You could include:

                              - What they are

                              - How to use them 

                              - Simple examples e.g. sit, run, walk

                              - Complex examples e.g. the girls hair swished, the boys eyes twitched

     2. Play the measuring game on topmarks to improve your measurement accuracy:

     3. Make a piece of art inspired by Jelena Dokic. This can be done in any way you would like

Other News

READING: Please ensure your child is reading at home and handing in reading records daily. The expectation for KS2 is that children read 4x weekly with an adult at home.

PE day for Year 3 is now a Thursday. Please send your child to school wearing full PE kit.

Sports Project is on a Friday this term. Please could children come to school wearing their uniform and trainers.

 At Christmas Team Royal chose to adopt a penguin from the WWF and we would like to inform you it has now been named PomPom (Team Royal’s choice!)

Important dates

2/2/24 – NSPCC Number day: Reception and KS1 to dress in anything related to number and Ks2 to dress as rock stars. £1 voluntary contribution for NSPCC.

2/2/24 – Number Day School Disco: 

Reception and KS1 3.15-4.15 – Children who wish to attend will be taken by their teachers straight to the disco at 3.15 and can be collected from their classrooms at 4.15. 

Ks2 – drop off and collection from front of school. More details will be sent out by the Chilton Fundraisers later in the term.

6/2/24 – Online safety day Children dress to express, meaning they come in whatever they like, bright clothes, sportswear, club uniforms…. whatever makes them feel happy!

6/2/24 Curry and Quiz school fundraiser for adults (details to arrive in the New Year) 

9/2/24 - Last day of term 

19/02/24 - Term 4 starts for children 


Have a lovely weekend, 

The Year 3 team 

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