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Weekly News! 01/03/2024

What a fantastic second week of Term 4 Year 3 have had, including a lovely trip to Dover Castle. Here is what we have been up to.


In English this week we have been writing character descriptions of the Angry Pixie from our book ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’. We began the week by focusing on simple sentences and how we can turn these into compound sentences by joining two simple sentences with a coordinating conjunction. We then moved on to improve our character descriptions by adding fronted adverbials to show the character’s manners or position.

A great example of a sentence written by a child in Year 3 was:

On his feet, the Angry Pixie has big, clumpy boots so he can stomp ferociously.

Next week, we will continue to read the Magic Faraway Tree and will write setting descriptions of lands in the book. We will begin next week by learning the skills to write a description of a Fairground setting.



This week in Maths we have been learning about money. We began the week by developing our recognition of coins and notes, before moving on to add amounts of money. On Friday, we moved on to begin to use a number line to subtract amounts of money. We were so impressed with the children’s resilience with this tricky task.

Next week, we will continue to learn how to use number lines to subtract amounts of money. We will then move on to use methods for multiplying and dividing to solve problems involving money.


Fact of the Week

Next week our fact of the week is:

5 X 6 = 30



This week we have began our brand new thematic unit, Revolutionary Romans! This week, we participated in geography lessons. We began the week by learning about the counties in England, using this catchy song to help us learn them:

England Geography/England Country (

We then moved on to learn about cities, focusing on those established during the Roman era. On Wednesday we had our school trip to Dover Castle, where we explored a Roman lighthouse and looked out for topographical features on the castle grounds.

Next week, we will use our map skills to locate and plot countries in Europe. We will then learn about key events in during the Roman rule of Britain and plot them chronologically, before learning about the Roman army on Wednesday.


World Book Day

World Book Day Thursday 7th March 2024 

This year's World Book Day theme will be bedtime stories / reading for pleasure.  We invite children to share their favourite bedtime story book on this day and if they wish, come to school dressed in their bedtime clothing!  Children are invited to dress up as their favourite character from a book if they prefer another option.  We would like to remind families that there is no expectation for you to spend money on costumes.  An enjoyment of reading and sharing a story is our main aim for World Book Day this year.   

The Chilton Masked Reader 

This year, we will share Chilton Masked Reader videos for World Book Day.  These videos will be created by our talented members of staff who will read a story without revelling their faces.  We hope our Chilton families will enjoy the stories and guess who the masked readers are! Links to these videos will be available on all school Blogs.  

Book Fayre 

The Chilton Book Fayre will arrive on Monday 11th March and run until Friday 15th March outside the Year 5 classrooms. World Book Day book vouchers can be spent at the fayre. Cash and online payments are also available and a percentage of the monies raised will go towards funding more books for Chilton children.


Love to Learn

Please choose one of the following tasks to complete for Love to Learn this week:

1. Write 5 sentences to describe a fictional character of your choice using expanded noun phrases (adjective, adjective noun). The character you choose could be a character from a book, magazine, TV show or film. You could also draw and label this character if you would like to. 

2. Look at maps of Europe either online or in an atlas and discuss with an adult the countries that you have heard of or have even visited. Are there any countries that you have never heard of? Bring in your maps with the places that you want to learn about circled.



  • Thursday 7th March – World Book Day

  • Monday 11th March – Science Day

  • Friday 15th March – Wear Something Funny (Red Nose Day)

  • Friday 15th March – Parent Book Look 3:15

  • Monday 18th-Thursday 21st March – Parent-Teacher Consultations

  • Wednesday 27th March – Come Dine With Me

  • Thursday 28th March – Last day of term (3:15)

  • Monday 15th April – Term 5 begins


Have a lovely weekend!

The Year 3 Team

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