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Year 4 Weekly News 27.3.23

Apologies for the late posting of the blog this week. There is no Love to Learn this week, just spellings to learn by Friday please and keep practising TTRS as often as possible.

Spellings to Learn

jockey, money, honey, trolley, turkey, chimney, donkey, alley, barley, valley

Challenge words: separate, suppose, mention, various

Here is what we have been up to last week.


In maths, we have been learning about time. We began by recapping how to tell the time on an analogue clock, with both normal and roman numerals. Then we learnt how to match analogue times to digitals time e.g. 3:40 = twenty minutes to 4, and finally the children learnt about the 24-hour digital clock e.g. 17:35 = 25 minutes to 6 in the afternoon/evening.

We also learnt to solve problems that involved time durations using empty timelines e.g. how long is a train journey that begins at 10.15am and ends at 12:30pm. This week we will be learning about the 3 types of angles - acute, obtuse and right angles, and about the different types of triangles - scalene, isosceles, equilateral and right-angled triangles.


In English last week, we finished our learning about writing dialogue. The children learnt how to add adverbs or adverbial phrases to their speech sentences and then how to weave narration and speech together in a narrative. The children's end of unit writing piece was amazing and they have shown themselves to be excellent writers of dialogue. We then started planning a setting writing piece based on one of the beautiful sunrise pictures in the book 'Fly, eagle, fly'. This week, the children will be writing their setting description of this picture using figurative language (personification, similes and metaphors) and then also planning and writing a description of the busy African village in the story.

Thematic learning

Last week was art week for our unit 'Mi Casa es tu casa'. The art technique that we learnt about was sketching. The children learnt about the different types of sketching pencils and different sketching techniques such as blending, stippling, hatching and cross hatching. They very much enjoyed sketching trees from the UK and from Spain and had a go at explaining why they had used different techniques for different parts of their sketch. This week is RE week and we are learning about why Easter is important to Christians. 


Dates for the Diary:

Parent-Teacher Consultation Week – Monday 27th March – Friday 31st March

End of Term at usual time (3:15) – Friday 31st March

Term 5 Begins – Monday 17th April

Operation Zig-Zag (parking initiative) – 26th & 27th April

 Red, White and Blue day for the Coronation – Friday 5 th May

Term 5 ends – Friday 26th May

Many thanks

The Year 4 Team

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