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Weekly News 20.10.23


In English this week we have finished our writing unit on Non-Chronological reports. We learnt our last skill for the unit which was using subordinating conjunctions to write complex sentences. Then the children used a variety of information texts from the school library about animals. Some of the animals we wrote our reports about were sharks, elephants, warthogs, hippopotami, big cats and ponies. They used these books to find information to put onto their plan about diet, appearance, habitat and ideas for their introduction. We then wrote their reports using all of the skills we had learnt in the unit and they really were incredible! The children should be so proud!

In our reading for pleasure session in guided reading this week, we shared our favourite parts of Roald Dahl books. Mrs Cousins shared her favourite part of The Twits; the chapter called the wormy spaghetti. Here we are enjoying the books... 

Next term we will be learning about narrative writing (story writing) and poetry.


This week has been a consolidation week where we have recapped some of the trickiest learning from this term. We practised multiplying 2-digit numbers by 2 digits numbers and the children were really getting a good grasp of this method this time round. We also recapped using the column method for subtraction when subtracting numbers with lots of zeros e.g. 6000 – 1673 =

The last thing we learnt about was using known times tables facts to help us with 3 digit number fact calculations e.g. what is 210 ÷ 7 = Because we know that 21 ÷ 7 is 3, this helps us to quickly work out that 210 ÷ 7 is 30. Or what is 8 X 70 = 8 X 7 is 56 so 8 X 70 is 560, the answer will be ten times bigger.

We will begin next term by learning about equivalent fractions.

Thematic curriculum 

In Thematic this week, Team Turquoise have been using laptops to create a simple scratch code involving moving, music and multiple ‘Sprites’! They have had a great time figuring out the different codes and how those instructions link directly to actions and sounds. In addition, the children have learnt about digital safety and passwords, which is so important as they grow up and have more access to the internet. Finally, the children completed their end of term Thematic assessment using our new quizzing format! Here are some photos of Team Turquoise enjoying their coding lesson...


Team Cyan have been learning about Sikhism in Religious Education this week. We have looked at their beliefs and different ceremonies they carry out for religious reasons. The children found their naming ceremony very interesting. We learnt that, for Sikhs, a baby’s name is not chosen until the mother and baby are able to travel to the gurdwara (temple) for a special ceremony called ‘Naam Karan’. All Sikh names can be used for boys or girls. If the baby is a boy, the word ‘Singh‘ (which means lion) will be added after the first name. If the baby is a girl, the word ‘Kaur’ (which means princess) is added after the first name. For example, if the first letter of the hymn is ‘H’ the baby may be called Hardit. If the baby is a boy, he will be Hardit Singh. If the baby is a girl, she will be Hardit Kaur. Here are Team Cyan enjoying this lesson...

Next term, our new themed curriculum learning will be around the Ancient Egyptians. We will also be learning about the digestive system and teeth, food chains and invertebrates and vertebrates.

Love to Learn 

Your Love to Learn challenge this week is to find out about Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. What are they? We would like you to use the hieroglyphics to write a message that you can bring to school on our Egyptian day (Weds 1st Nov) for your partner to solve. You could print and cut out the hieroglyphics or you could draw them yourselves. You could colour them in or give your hieroglyphics an Ancient Egyptian style page border. We can’t wait to see them. Please bring this into school by Wednesday 1st November.


Words to practice for a spelling test on Weds 1st November:

strangely, curiously, completely, finally, angrily, gently, frantically, describe, decide, different

Challenge words for the test (optional to learn): dramatically, cautiously, necessarily



This term, the classes are doing different PE activities. Please dress your children accordingly for their activity.

Team Turquoise - Games

Team Cyan - Dance


Dates to remember  

  • Wednesday 1st November – Ancient Egyptian Day in Year 4. The children are invited to come to school wearing an Ancient Egyptian costume (please make sure footwear is suitable for playtime and the weather). We welcome home made costumes; please do not feel like you need to spend a lot on this.

Term 2 at Chilton Primary

  • Monday 30th October – Staff Development Day – school closed to children

  • Tuesday 31st October – Term 2 begins

  • Monday 6th November – Poppies go on sale for Remembrance

  • Thursday 9th November – Individual school photos

  • Friday 10th November – children who are Scouts / Cubs / Brownies / Rainbows etc. can wear their club uniforms to school for Remembrance

  • Friday 17th November – Pyjama Day for Children in Need (voluntary donation)

  • Monday 27th – Thursday 30th – Book Fair in School

  • Wednesday 6th December – Year 2 and 4 Come Dine

  • Tuesday 12th December – Year 3 & 4 Christmas Performance – 2:00 at St Laurence Church

  • Wednesday 13th December - Christmas Fair from 3:30

  • Thursday 14th December – Years 3,4,5 & 6 Christmas Parties (pm)

  • Friday 15th December – Christmas Jumper Day (just for fun) and Christmas Dinner School ends at 2:00

  • Term 3 starts for Children Wednesday 3rd January

We hope you all have a lovely half term break,

Many thanks,

The Year 4 Team

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