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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News 23.11.23


In English this week, we have been writing our own 5-part narrative stories set in a wintery location – like The Ice Palace novel. We have a good character and an evil villain that creates a problem. Our good character then goes on a journey to fix the problem the evil character has created. We are very close to finishing our book, and we can’t wait to find out the ending!  

As part of our Reading for Pleasure session this week, we read part of the story and the children created pictures based on the descriptions! In Team Turquoise, we read the beginning of The Twits and drew Mr and Mrs Twit! 

Next week, we are starting a new unit looking at winter-themed poetry, and we are focusing on figurative language – similes, metaphors, and personification!  


This week we started our new maths focus on statistics where we have interpreted graphs by answering questions relating to them, and we have also had the chance to create our graphs. We learnt about the x- and y-axis and how to read ‘along the corridor and up the stairs’ to help us.

Next week we will be continuing with statistics, and then we will be moving onto measurement (mass and capacity).


Thematic curriculum

In Thematic, we have continued with our topic ‘Walk like an Egyptian’! This week we had the opportunity to learn about the different gods and goddesses that they worshipped during this time and there are… a lot! We chose a couple that we liked and created fact files on them! Then, we took interest in the type of art that they created in Ancient Egyptian times and some pieces were over 5000 years old! Crazy! We compared their old artwork styles to new Egyptian art and noticed that some artists still used the same bold, key colours as well as painted their figures from the side. We were so fascinated that we tried to mimic the Ancient Egyptian style and create our own masterpieces! We first started with drawing an outline, then we added watercolours as these were like the pigment paint that they used thousands of years ago! Finally, to end the week, we looked at Ancient Egyptian architecture, and we discussed how incredible it was that they made the pyramids, temples and other buildings with ramps, levers, water and a lot of effort! We then made models of pyramids using clay and this was trickier than we thought! We had lots of fun, and we are very proud of our creations.

Love to learn

Your love to learn challenge this week is… Maths!

We would love you to collect information using a tally chart and then represent this data using a bar model.


Some ideas if you are stuck:

  • Colour cars that are on your road/drive by your house/see on your walk.

  • Different colour socks

  • Families favourite food

  • Different toys that are in your house


Please send completed homework in by Wednesday 29th November.


This week we will be focusing on words ending in -ous.

These are the following words we would like you to focus on this week:

  • Dangerous

  • Nervous

  • Poisonous

  • Tremendous

  • Outrageous

  • Serious

  • Curious


  • Famous

  • Favourite

  • February


Challenge Words

  • Jealous

  • Spontaneous

  • courteous

Over the week, we will be assessing the children on these words.


Dates to remember:

Mon 27th Nov - Fri 1st Dec - Book Fair at school 

Weds 6th Dec - Year 4 Come dine with me

Tues 12th Dec - Year 3 & 4 Christmas Performance – 2:00 at St Laurence Church

Weds 13th Dec - Christmas Fair 3:15 - 4:45

Thurs 14th Dec - Christmas Party (children can come to school in their own clothes)

Fri 15th - Christmas Jumper Day (just for fun) and Christmas Dinner. School ends at 2pm (no after school club)


Extra messages:

Please can we ask that every child has a water bottle and a coat in school every day. The weather is very unpredictable, and we want to make sure everyone stays fit and healthy, especially in these winter months. 

Please can the children bring in a reading book from home to share with a peer on Wednesday 29th November as part of our Reading for Pleasure session. Thank you! 


Many thanks,

The Year 4 Team

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