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Weekly News 12.01.24


In English this week, we have continued to read our new text called ‘Fly Eagle Fly’. This is an African traditional tale retold by the author Christopher Gregorowski. This week, we have been using our knowledge of prepositions and expanded noun phrases to re-write part of our class text. We realised that there wasn’t a lot of description about the eagle and main character, so we needed to add it in.

Next week, we will be writing a 5-part narrative with dialogue, using ideas from our class text.


This week we have been learning how to mentally add and subtract by multiples of 100, 10 and 1. For example, 241 + 300, 524 + 60, 236 + 7. These are essential key skills in maths and any additional learning at home would be very helpful! We also looked at estimating calculations by rounding numbers to the nearest 10 to check out answers. For example, 124 + 402 = 526à 120 + 400 = 520.

Next week in maths, we will be learning to use the short division method with 2- and 3-digit numbers. We will also look at the associative law (2 x 6 x 5).



This week we have started our new topic… Cracking the Earth’s Core!

First, we started with geography, where we have explored the different layers of the Earth and how the crust is made up of tectonic plates that move on the Earth’s surface by the convection current in the mantle. Then, we focused on volcanoes and their different parts. We also looked at some of the things that come out of a volcano, like ash, magma/lava, pyroclastic flows and volcanic bombs. Finally, we looked at the consequences of tectonic plates moving… EARTHQUAKES! We looked at the deadly disasters that they can cause including tsunamis, soil liquefaction, ground shaking, building collapsing, lifting and lowering of the ground and landslides. All of this was very scary to learn, but luckily we are not on a plate boundary!

Next week, we will be having a closer look at volcanoes – how eruptions effect people and why people live near them. We will also look at the geographical features of countries.

Love to Learn

This week’s Love to Learn task is to practise and write out your 7, 8 and 9 times tables. This is due in on Wednesday 17th January. If you know them confidentially already, try to learn their related facts:

1 x 7 = 7

7 ÷ 1 = 7

10 x 7 = 70

10 x 70 = 700

7000 ÷ 100 = 70

The MyOn Reading Challenge is still on until 11th January. There are two books about volcanoes to read and enjoy. The children who have already read them have said that they really enjoyed them.

The children log on to Myon using their AR username and password (all passwords are Viking23)

Link to Myon -


This week, our focus is words ending with ‘gue’.

Words to practice for a spelling test on Weds 17th January:

league, plague, rogue, vague, fatigue, tongue, catalogue, guide, heard, heart

Challenge words for the test (optional to learn):

analogue, dialogue, intrigue


Key Dates

2/2/24 – NSPCC Number day: Reception and KS1 to dress in anything related to number and Ks2 to dress as rock stars. £1 voluntary contribution for NSPCC. 

2/2/24 – Number Day School Disco:  

Reception and KS1 3.15-4.15 – Children who wish to attend will be taken by their teachers straight to the disco at 3.15 and can be collected from their classrooms at 4.15.  

Ks2 – drop off and collection from front of school. More details will be sent out by the Chilton Fundraisers later in the term. 

5/2/24 – Year 4 TTRS battle of the schools this week!

6/2/24 – Online safety day Children dress to express, meaning they come in whatever they like, bright clothes, sportswear, club uniforms…. whatever makes them feel happy! 

6/2/24 Curry and Quiz school fundraiser for adults (details to arrive in the New Year)  

9/2/24 - Last day of term  

19/02/24 - Term 4 starts for children  


Many thanks,

The Year 4 Team

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