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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

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Weekly News! 26.01.24


In English this week, our focus has been writing setting descriptions alongside our new book ‘Pebble in my Pocket’. We have focused on using our senses to think of ideas of what to write. With our ideas, the skills we have focused on are: expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials, ‘wow’ verbs/adverbs and prepositions.

Next week, we will be continuing with our setting description skills where we are using compound and complex sentences as well as paragraphs. Then, the children will have the chance to apply all of their skills and create their own setting description about an earthquake which is linked to our thematic curriculum this term!


In maths this week, we have been looking at fractions! We had the chance to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. This was great fun and we really enjoyed it! Then we found fractions of an amount with the rule ‘divide by the denominator (bottom), times by the numerator (top)’. We also used bar models to support our understanding. Then, we linked fractions to decimals! We found that 1 tenth is the same as 0.1 and one hundredth is the same as 0.01! Then we applied this knowledge to a range of questions. Furthermore, we then looked at 0.25, 0.5 and 0.75, and we were able to place them on a number line with our tenths!

Next week, we will be comparing, ordering and rounding decimals!  


This week we have had our geographer hats on! We have explored using maps and atlases to find different places and label them including the Equator, Tropic of Capricon, Tropic of Cancer and the Greenwich Meridian. We also learnt the different points on an eight point compass and we used these reference to say where one place was in relation to another. Finally, we learnt how to used grid references and we used our knowledge of map symbols to say where places/things are on a map! 

Four Figure Grid References -

What can you spot on this map?

Grid references - YouTube


This week our spelling rule is the prefix ‘ir-‘ with a word beginning with r.

Spellings to learn for a test on Wednesday 31st January:  irreplaceable, irresponsible, irreversible, irrational, irrelevant, irregular, irresistible, irritation, important, increase, interest


Love to Learn

In addition to your volcano challenge, it is National Story Telling Week (Monday 29th Jan - Friday 2nd Feb)!  There is a whole school learning task which is to learn a short story/tale to tell their class throughout the week. We will choose a couple of children each day to retell and share their story with their peers. We can’t wait to hear your choice!


Key dates 

2/2/24 – NSPCC Number day: Reception and KS1 to dress in anything related to number and Ks2 to dress as rock stars. £1 voluntary contribution for NSPCC. 

2/2/24 – End of Term School Disco:  

Reception and KS1 3.15-4.15 – Children who wish to attend will be taken by their teachers straight to the disco at 3.15 and can be collected from their classrooms at 4.15.  

KS2 – drop off and collection from front of school. More details will be sent out by the Chilton Fundraisers later in the term. 

5/2/24 – Year 4 TTRS battle of the schools this week!

6/2/24 – Online safety day Children dress to express, meaning they come in whatever they like, bright clothes, sportswear, club uniforms…. whatever makes them feel happy! 

6/2/24 Curry and Quiz school fundraiser for adults (details to arrive in the New Year)  

9/2/24 - Last day of term  

19/02/24 - Term 4 starts for children


Special Thank You

Thank you to all the parents that have volunteered their time to join us on our school trip. We now have enough adults to join us on our seaside adventure! 


Many thanks

The Year 4 Team 

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