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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News 08.03.24


In English this week, we have continued reading ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’. We have focused on persuasive arguments, with our topic being ‘Should refugees come to our country?’. We discussed the negative viewpoints of some of the characters in the book, as well as their parents' views. We then made a list of positives, for both them and us.  We included: adverbs of time, first person, modal verbs, formal language, a variety of sentence openers and, as a challenge, rhetorical questions.

Next week, we will be writing a newspaper report about Ahmet’s upsetting story, when he escaped from the war in his country.

We had a great time during World Book Day! We did read for pleasure by reading the book that we brought in a comfy spot with our friends! 


This week we have been learning about the four operations. We have been looking at improving our mental maths by practising related facts, double and halves and adding 3 numbers together in our heads. We aimed to make the question as easy as possible using the commutative law to rearrange the equation.

Next week, we will be looking at time! We will be reading the time on an analogue clock and sharing it as a digital time. We will also look at key time conversions – 60 seconds = 1 minute, 365 = 1 year, etc…


This term we will be drawing in art and this week we are looking at negative space. This is the space around an object and by learning about negative space, we will gain more insight into how an artist’s mind works and how they can draw more complex shapes quickly by seeing the form in the negative space instead. This week, we used this knowledge to make our Mother’s Day cards! We hope you like them!


This week we have compared the Islamic Civilisation with other societies of the same time period. In this lesson we found out that during this same period of history in the UK the Anglo-Saxons civilisation ruled (450-1066CE) in what was known as the Dark Ages. We learnt that the Islamic society was considered a more advanced society than the Anglo-Saxons, and compared what life was like in both civilisations. We also looked at a timeline and saw that both civilisations existed at the same time. We will create a comparison table that shows the differences between the Islamic Empire and Anglo-Saxon England c.900CE.

Then, we learnt the differences between primary and secondary sources of historical evidence. In this lesson we looked at a variety of primary and secondary sources of evidence about the Dark Ages in England and the Golden Age of Islam in the Middle East. We recapped the difference between primary and secondary sources and thought about the reliability of different sources. During this time, we thought about why events from the past may be recounted differently by different people and why this might be.

Finally, we ordered events from the past on a timeline. In our last history lesson for this Thematic unit, we placed events from the Golden Age of Islam and the Dark Ages on a timeline. Our timelines spanned from the year 400CE to 1300CE. We put them in  chronological order on a timeline, ensuring we think about the amount of time (space on the line) we needed to leave between each event; 450CE – Anglo-Saxons took over England, 750CE – Beginning of the Golden Age of Islam, 965CE Ibn Al-Haytham born, 810CE Abbas Ibn Firnas born, 1066CE – End of Anglo-Saxon rule in England (William the Conqueror invaded, and the Normans took over), 1258CE – End of the Islamic Golden Age.

Love to Learn

This week’s Love to Learn is science focused!

Next week, we are looking at circuits! We know that electricity can come from different places, but how many do you have in your house? Make a list of the different appliances you in your house and organise them into groups. You can include some appliances you used that also require no electricity!



Mains (plugged in)

Wind up torch

Wooden spoon

Remote control




Please could this Love to Learn challenge be handed in by Weds 13th March.


This week, we are continuing our focus on words ending in '-ion', specifically '-tion'. These are the following words:

invention, injection, completion, operation, location, eruption, election, rotation, digestion, migration, estimation

Challenge words: length, material, library

Please take time learning them, ready for Wednesday 13th March

Other News

Science Day Poster Competition 

On Monday 11th March, we will be taking part in British Science Week here at Chilton. For British Science week, the theme this year is‘Time’. You are invited to enter a competition to create a poster maybe showing how a certain type of technology has changed over time, or even the advancement of time-telling technology itself. Budding poster makers could also go futuristic, showing us how they think the world might look in years to come. You could perhaps look at nature – lifecycles, lifespans, evolution and hibernation – nature is full of timely topics. Your poster must only be A4 or A3 size. It will be scanned so it must be flat. There will be prizes in school and also our 5 best entries from across the school will be entered to a national competition. Here is what the judges will be looking for: 

Creativity in approach dont be afraid to think outside the box and present your entry in a slightly different way. 

Content– Clear, accurate and informative about a Science topic. 

Effective communication presented and communicated in an engaging way. 

Entries to Miss Isaac by Friday 22nd March 2024 


Book Fayre

The Chilton Book Fayre will arrive on Monday 11th March and run until Friday 15th March outside the Year 5 classrooms. World Book Day book vouchers can be spent at the fayre. Cash and online payments are also available, and a percentage of monies raised will go towards funding more books for Chilton children.


The Masked Reader Videos – Passwords for these videos: WBD24 

Year R The Way Back Home - 

Year R The Dinosaur That Pooped A Pirate - 

Year R The Smeds And The Smoos - 

Year 1 The Three Ninja Pigs - 

Year 1 We Are Family - 

Year 2 The Giant Jumperee - 

Year 2 We’re Going On A Bear Hunt - 

Year 3 Where The Wild Things Are - 

Year 3 Dave - 

Year 6 Dirty Bertie - 

Year 6 Where The Wild Things Are - 

Year 6 There’s a Bear On My Chair - 

Year 6 Under The Same Sky - 


Dates to remember 

Thursday 14th March – Year 4 Assembly 9:00 – Parents invited

Monday 11th March - Science day (information above)

Monday 11th – Thursday 14th March – Book Fair in school

Friday 15th March – Red Nose Day - Wear something funny for money

Friday 15th March – Parent Book Look 3:15 for Parent-Teacher Consultations

Monday 18th – Thursday 21st March – Parent-Teacher Consultations – dates and times coming soon

Thursday 21st March – Rock Your Socks Day in support of Down Syndrome Awareness

Friday 22nd March – The Speaker Finals at Royal Harbour Academy

Tuesday 26th March – Come Dine With Me for Years 1, 4 & 5

Thursday 28th March – Easter Egg Hunts

Thursday 28th March – Term 4 ends (normal time @3:15)

Friday 29th March – Good Friday

Monday 15th March - Term 5 begins

Many thanks,

The Year 4 Team

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