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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News 29.03.24

Wow what an absolute fabulous week we have had! Thank you everyone who popped along for our come dine with me, the children absolutely loved it!

We have had the best time getting stuck into some Easter celebrations. The children have enjoyed admiring all the wonderful Easter bonnets that have been showcased – thank you again for your support with these events, it truly makes our school such a fun place to be! The children have also been hunting for eggs to win a prize! With some super searching (and lots of resilience), all of the children found their egg! 

Guided reading

We have been so impressed with the children’s understanding of our book. This week we have been focusing on drama skills. We read Chapter 19 (The Queens Palace) and acted it out in small groups, using speech from the story.


This week, in English we have been looking at information texts. We have used our knowledge on non-fiction texts to write our very own information text on refugees. The children have tried so hard to make sure they have included their statement, question and exclamation sentences to make their writing exciting. We have also looked at using cause and effect sentences – this was our very first time looking at this kind of sentence structure and the children have shown such super engagement in learning this new skill.

The whole of Year 4 have shown such great involvement with our book ‘Boy at the Back of the Class,’ and we can’t wait to see it on stage.

Next term we will be starting a new book ‘Tales of Wisdom and Wonder.’


We have been learning all about angles this week and have been using vocabulary like acute, obtuse, right angle, equilateral, isosceles and scalene. We have learnt that an acute angle is less than 90° a right angle is 90° and an obtuse angle is more than 90°. The children have done such a fab job at applying this knowledge to identifying different types of triangles.

Next week we will be learning our Roman numerals.  


This weeks learning has been based around the Easter story and discovering why some people celebrate Easter. We have looked at Palm Sunday and the events that took place – we thought about how the crowd might have felt seeing Jesus and how Jesus might have felt knowing he would not return from Jerusalem. We wrote diary entries from either Jesus’ or the crowds perspective. We continued our learning with the garden of Gethsemane and what led to Jesus’s arrest. We particularly enjoyed learning about Jesus’s resurrection and absolutely loved sharing about how we will be celebrating Easter or events we will be getting up to in the holiday!

Love to Learn

Our home learning over the holidays is a maths challenge! To help consolidate time telling skills, we would like you to find as many analogue clocks as you can and tell us the time they show.

It is up to you how you present this – it may be photographs, drawings…

Be creative and have fun!


Unable, Unofficial, Disappear, Dishonest, Miscalculate, Misfire, Insignificant, Incapable, Misheard, Unpopular


Miscommunication, Inefficient, Disappointed 

Key dates

Monday 15th April – Term 5 begins.

Thursday 23rd May – Marlow Trip

*PE will be on a Tuesday for Term 5*


We hope you have the best Easter holiday, and we will see you for a fabulous term 5!

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