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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News! 3.11.23

What a wonderful week Year 5 have had! Here's what we've been up to:


In English this week we started our new Term 2 text 'The Jamie Drake Equation'. We made predictions based on the front cover before reading the first two chapters. In our writing, we designed and described our own alien, focusing on using sinister similes and metaphors. Next week, we will be writing a setting description.


This week, we have been learning about Fractions. We started by recapping what fractions are before finding equivalent fractions and ordering and comparing fractions with different denominators. Next week, we will continue looking a fractions, focusing on fractions of amounts and fractions as decimals.


We have now started our Term 2 Thematic Unit 'Stargazers', which is all about Space. We studied the impact of Galileo Galilei on our understanding of Space, the shape of the Earth and how we know and the USA's Apollo program including the lunar landings of Apollo 11. Next week, we will be studying the planets in further detail.  

Home Learning

Write a letter to Mrs Winchcombe by next Friday (10th) telling her why you feel you would be a good peer mediator. 

What is a peer mediator: 

  1. Peer mediators are clearly identified by their hoodies and work in pairs in their school playground to help children who are involved in a squabble but don’t know how to sort it out. 

  2. The mediators encourage the children to talk about the problem openly and calmly and then come to a solution which is fair for all concerned. 

What qualities will a peer mediator need:  

A good listener 





Not bossy 

Helpful in getting young people to find their own solutions to the disputes.

Other News

- Top Up PE is on a WEDNESDAY. Please can children come to school in their uniform wearing suitable trainers.

- PE is on a MONDAY in Term 2. Please can children come to school wearing (correct and suitable) PE kit. The children will be doing outdoor adventure activities, so please make sure they are wearing suitable outdoor clothing for the whole term.

- Guitars are on a Thursday. Children are welcome to bring guitars from home provided they are acoustic and have a case. 

Have a great weekend!

The Year 5 team

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