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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly Learning 16.09.22

The children have really settled well and are back into the swing of school life.  They are becoming real role models to the rest of the school.  The teachers in Year 6 were immensely proud of everyone's efforts for their Love to Learn last week: their speeches really took our breaths away.  We could tell that they were clearly well-thought through as well as delivered concisely and confidently; it was incredibly difficult to pick only 8 House Captains!  Well done to every single one of you!

In English this week, we read to the end of 'Way Home!' then discussed the book's hidden theme: homelessness.  We looked back throughout the book to identify the clues from the illustrations and plot... they were there!  From this, we wrote reports about homelessness after researching the possible causes.

Next week, we will be introducing the children to our new text, 'Floodland', by Marcus Sedgwick (a teacher's favourite!).  We will write letters from the opening characters after understanding their traits.  Using art, we will identify the setting and focus on conjunctions in SPAG to write in role.

In Maths this week, the children have learned strategies to help them round numbers: circle the digit to be rounded before underlining the digit to the right.  If that digit is 0-4, round the number down.  If the digit is 5-9, round it up.  They also began to understand how to add and subtract negative numbers.  We all played a fun game involving hot air balloons that helped in our understanding.  Click here to see the game if you want to play at home!  

Next week, we will be focussing on addition.  We will revise learned strategies and problem solve using the column method.

For our new Topic, 'Raiders and Traders', we asked the question 'is it ever OK to invade someone else's country?   Using oracy skills, we discussed to a range of people our thoughts and opinions about the subject.  




A polite reminder that children should be reading for at least ten minutes every night/morning for four out of the five days they are at school.  If this is not possible, they have the opportunity to read as Early Work or at break times.

For Love to Learn this week, please log on to mymaths as your teacher has set a task involving rounding and negative numbers for you.

We would also like you to make a word bank of adjectives, adverbs, nouns and verbs.  Challenge yourself with the words you choose but remember... some words may be more than one word class (for example 'box' can be a noun 'a box' and a verb 'to box').  You can present this however you want but we suggest a minimum of 10 words per word class.

Adjective - describes a noun, for example lovely

Noun - a person, place or thing, for example table

Verb - doing word, for example, predict

Adverb - describes a doing word (how, where, when, how often it is done), for example daily

For a challenge, you can include abstract nouns, pronouns, collective nouns and proper nouns in your lists.  

We hope you enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

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