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Year 6 Blog 3.3.2023

Welcome to the Year 6 blog!

Love to Learn:

1. Look around your home and find items that rely on in power. Use a Venn diagram to present whether they rely on mains power, battery power or both.

2. Here are the spellings to learn for this week.

Year 6 Spellings 




















It's been an exciting end to the week as we celebrated World Book Day today. We had some excellent costumes across the school; well done to all the children who entered the spirit of the day and came to school in a costume. As a part of the day, we loved learning the poem entitled 'Chocolate Cake' by Michael Rosen. By watching the poet perform his poem, we tried hard to improve our own performances. We even used a real chocolate cake as a prop (and a yummy treat after!). We were then read stories by a teacher from another class. Please look out for the World Book Day voucher that has been given to your child. It can be spent in book shops or at our book fair in a few weeks time. 

This week in English, we completed our newspaper reports about the Morpurgo family leaving Fareham Harbour. We finished them by adding a summary and also an image with an appropriate caption.  After this , we also earned about ships keep log books. We used the text to plot on a map where the family have been so far and then researched places and animals to plan our own log book.

Next week in English, our log books will be completed and we will also look closely at what happens next in the text. We will make thoughtful predictions about what we think will happen by linking this to the text we have read so far.

In Maths this week, we have been taken some assessments to allow both the children and their teachers to reflect on what we have earned so far and what we still need to learn.

In Maths next week, our learning will be focused on the four operations and how we can use them to solve problems. We will then look at how problems often have multi-steps and also multi-operations.

This week in our Thematic lessons, we learnt to understand about conductors and insulators and how this relates to circuits. We explored how simple circuits work and how if they are broken, they won't work.  Next week in Thematic lessons, we will be comparing series and parallel circuits and completing an investigating how changing components in these circuits change how the circuits work.

Have a lovely weekend! We look forward to seeing you on Monday.

From the Year 6 teaching team!

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