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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly Learning 20.10.23

Important dates

- School will restart after the half term break on Tuesday 31st October (Monday is an INSET day) at normal time.

- Next term, the PE focus will be Games (Team Ocean and old Team Sky - half of Team Cobalt) and Dance (Team Sky and old Team Ocean - half of Team Cobalt).  Be sure to dress appropriately for your PE.

Love to Learn

Be sure to have a restful, enjoyable half term break!  Remember to read throughout the week however your homework this week is to enjoy yourselves!


This week, we thoroughly enjoyed reading the rest of Floodland and each took an AR quiz on it.  From what we read, we discussed whether we thought Floodland would be true: is it based on what could happen if Climate Change continued at the rate it is.  We created a non-chronological report, informing our readers of the subject and, on Friday, presented our work in our own way: news reports, Sir David Attenborough-style news programmes, leaflets, pamphlets or PowerPoint presentations. 

Well done to everyone who quizzed this term: As a team, we read - and quizzed - over 300 times!  Because our target was 180 quizzes, we received a Year 6 reward on Friday where we enjoyed 15 minutes extra playtime!  Well done Year 6!


To extend our understanding of multiplying last week (see Miss Isaac's video!), we challenged ourselves with multiplying decimals up to two decimal places by a single digit, for example 5.7 x 8 or 3.52 x 9.  We also drew upon our place value knowledge to turn these numbers into integers (whole numbers).


We returned to our Big Question: Is change good?  With a partner, we prepared - and delivered - a presentation to the rest of our respective classes.  This time, we were able to include the impact of Climate Change.

As well as this, we learnt about the beliefs of Hindus around the world: people are reincarnated based on the life that they lead.  Hindus believe that it is what you do in life through kindness and hard work that is important.  We had a range of scenarios and discussed what we would do, role-playing the scenarios and considering whether we could forgive.  We shared Hindu stories with each other and thought about how we could lead positive lives.



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