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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News 19.01.24

Important dates and messages

On Friday 2nd February, we will be celebrating Number Day.  Children will be welcome to dress up as a times table rock star character for a £1 voluntary donation.


This week, we read to the end of the book, Leon and the Place Between.  We thoroughly enjoyed the magic of it and thought the layout and structure was very clever.  We wrote a description of what Leon found within the box after stepping in and used figurative language to help describe what was there.  For our Reading For Pleasure session on Friday, we looked through cookbooks to find recipes that we thought we have enjoyed following.  


We have been working hard on practising some SATs-style questions by completing past tests.  These will be used to help inform teachers where to support children in their maths understanding.  We also hope that they will give confidence to the children so that they know what to expect in May when they complete the SATs papers.  


This week, we made predictions - using scientific language and knowledge - based on hypotheses on the link between heart rate and exercise.  We tested these predictions by running experiments and then presented our results in the most appropriate way.  We found that a table before drawing a bar graph was the most effective and clearest way to show what we had discovered.  From this, we learnt the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. 


Love to Learn

We were truly amazed by your wonderful magic tricks, which the children performed to each other this week. 

This week, we would like you to search your house and local environment for any signs of different measurements.  Make notes or take photographs on what you find.  You can look on street signs, packets of ingredients or even on furniture.  Consider what we measure (length, mass, capacity) and record what units of measurement we use everyday (pints, metres, miles, kilograms)

Traffic Signs | Next (distance) Miles Sign W7-3A | Road Signs   juice cartons showing different kinds of labeling

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