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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Team Cyan and Team Turquoise Weekly News w/b 4th October


In Maths this week, we have been looking at 3 digit - 2 digit or 2 digit - 2 digit numbers. We have worked so incredibly hard at this and all children are becoming so confident that we have been able to solve reasoning problems such as having 3 calculations and seeing which one might be the odd one out, spotting mistakes by agreeing or disagreeing and explaining why and comparing calculations using the compare symbols < > and =.

We are so proud of every single member of Year 2. They have showed so much determination and resilience in learning this new skill. GO YEAR 2!


In SPaG this week, we have been looking at the use of apostrophes. We knew apostrophes were used in contractions however we learnt this week that they can also be used to show possession. For example Miss Davey's coffee cup has Beauty and the Beast on it. 

We then moved our learning on to start to understand how commas in a list are used. The children are becoming aware that commas are used to separate objects in a list for example... On the table I can see a sound card, pencil, felt tip and ruler. 


In Topic this week, we have looked at the author Charles Dickens! We learnt about how Charles Dickens used to holiday in Broadstairs and how he even wrote one of his books there. We have learnt so many facts about him so feel free to give us a little test! We used all of our knowledge to then look at how different our lives are from his. For example he started work at the age of 11, he had a pet raven called Grip and he wrote 15 books in total but we also looked at things we had in similar for example some of us were born in February and so was Charles Dickens, he loved to write and read, he was born in England and he loved spending time with his family.


Love to Learn

Accelerated Reader

Thank you so much for your support with the new scheme Accelerated Reader! It is so lovely to hear the children are enjoying the quizzes. We have mentioned to the children to try and aim to complete one quiz a week. We will also always ask for a quiz to be completed as Task 1 of the children's Love to Learn task.

You can access our AR site here or through our school website Home Page.  Your child's username is the first three letters of their first name followed by their surname.  The password is chilton (lowercase) for example: Username for Joseph Smith would be JosSmith and the password is chilton in all lowercase.


PE and the Sports Project will now both be on a Tuesday. Children can come into school in their PE kit. They will no longer need to wear trainers on a Wednesday. 

Please remember to tie back any long hair. 

A reminder that children should have water only and not juice.

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