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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

This week in year 3!

We have explored perimeter and angles in maths. We have created newspaper reports and developed suspense and tension from Charlie and the Chocolate factory.


This week in maths we have been learning about and exploring how to find and calculate the perimeter of a shape. Children were able to explain that you must measure all the sides of a shape and then add them up. Children were able to apply their knowledge of column addition to this task. We have also started to explore angles, being able to name and find acute, right and obtuse angles in a range of shapes.


Our English and guided reading has continued to focus on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. At the beginning of the week we created newspaper reports exploring how the world may have reacted to the announcement of the golden tickets as well introducing the first two finders, Augustus Gloop and Veruca Salt. We then rewrote Charlie's birthday to add greater levels of suspense and tension as Charlie opens his birthday present. 

Love to Learn

Love to learn this week is creative.

Invent your own brand new chocolate bar or sweet and create a recipe for how to make it again in the future. Think about recording the different quantities of each ingredient using grams or kilograms. Be as creative with your flavours and toppings as you want. Try to give your creation a Willy Wonka sounding name at the end.


Mrs Cousins' group: impossible, immature, impatient, disappear, undress, disconnect, independent

Miss Watling's group: scene, scenary, science, scientist, scissors, crescent

Mr Pott's group: wrap, wrapping, wrestle, wrestling , wrong, write, wriggle 


As part of the NSPCC’s Number Day on 1st February there will be a break time maths themed cake sale! For your child’s home learning we invite you to design and create maths themed cakes to help with our cake sale. For example, different shaped cakes or cakes with maths related toppings -be as creative as you like!  We ask, if you do this, that you bring these in from January 30th to February 1st to your class teacher or to Miss Lane’s Classroom (Team Indigo).

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