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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance


At Chilton, our curriculum is designed to inspire life-long learners through memorable experiences leading to fluency in a range of fundamental skills.

We inject creativity and challenge in to our curriculum so that every day offers high quality and meaningful learning. Children build essential building blocks over time based on their individual starting points. Learning uses high quality resources and thoughtful and thought provoking tasks through thematic approaches. We strive to help children think, to be curious and enquiring; overcoming barriers and challenges with courage and determination.

Essential to our curriculum is learning to be a kind and compassionate human. Children learn about connection, about each other, themselves and the broad and diverse world around them. At Chilton, we respect the individual and learn about healthy minds, bodies and relationships and how to be safe.

Children leave Chilton ready for the next stage in their education – with a strong sense of themselves, belonging and of community.



Contact Us

Correspondence for the Headteacher:

Mrs Kate Law
c/o Chilton Primary School,
Chilton Lane,
Kent. CT11 0LQ

Contact the school office on:
01843 597695
or by fax on:
01843 852872

01843 597695